Orange Tip Season

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cheshirecat Contributing Member • Posts: 920
Orange Tip Season

Captured with the E1 and 50mm f2 handheld. I really like these early season visitors to my garden...

...especially when they open their wings to show off.

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Digirame Forum Pro • Posts: 35,744
Re: Orange Tip Season

Very nice...quite colorful. It can be hard to get them to be still long enough take their picture.

photophile Forum Pro • Posts: 13,277
Re: Orange Tip Season

Brilliant work as usual. Crisp and clean, with vivid colours. The 'bokeh' is superb.

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Lois Ann Forum Pro • Posts: 10,915
Re: Orange Tip Season

Superb images, Peter. How close were you to the subject?
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Marn Forum Pro • Posts: 12,910
Re: Orange Tip Season

Those are really nice ... i cant wait till i see more butterflies in my yard ...


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Brian Mollenkopf Regular Member • Posts: 352
Re: Orange Tip Season

Nice shots! You might want to print and frame those!


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OP cheshirecat Contributing Member • Posts: 920
Thanks Guys

I was able to get in close, maybe 6 inches away, and the small butterfly was quite patient, but at that range (using a wide aperture to maintain shutter speed) the depth of field is only a couple of millimetres so handholding is a bit of hit and miss really. In this regard the 50mm can be a bit frustrating getting a focus lock without it repeatedly recycling right through the focal range. Love the lens though.

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redsox Veteran Member • Posts: 3,093
very good shooting

The first in particular is interesting to me. Pretty sharp throughout and I really like the light shine off the golden portions of the wing.

The second is nice, though I think a bit problematic, as you mentioned, with dof.


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