Few more DMC-TS1 Photos

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Few more DMC-TS1 Photos

Well, my new TS1 just arrived and since it was sunny I went out and walked around campus and took some shots. I did upgrade teh camera to firmware 1.1 first though, but from the release notes this version doesn't effect IQ. Overall, I am very happy with the output. There are a few wide angle and a few tele shots but in 'normal' and iA mode to show the differences. No post processing was done, these were uploaded directly from the SD card.

One thing I did notice that was annoying, is that I had a tendancy to hit the movie record mode when the camera was in my pocket. Not that it is a huge deal, but I often times will leave the camera on when I am sailing or doing other active sports so if something happens that I want to capture, the camera is already on a ready to go. I am worried if that I keep doing it that way, I might come to take a camera out of my pocket with a dead battery.

I also did have to reformat the card in the camera because as-is, it threw a warning that the card was not fast enough for video, which went away after formating it.

Hopefully I can get some good on the water shot during the upcoming regatta this weekend and post more.

Also, somebody in one of the other thread was asking about general responsiveness of the camera/menus and I would have to give it a thumbs up for that.

All the photos can be seen here with full-size and EXIF info available.


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Re: Few more DMC-TS1 Photos

Thanks for share... loading...:-)

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i didn't even aware the release of V1.1 firware...

where can i d/l the firmware and upgrade it?

and what are the changes?

Wei Steen
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Re: sorrie...
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Re: Few more DMC-TS1 Photos

I also added one picture that I took last night, just a street scene on my way out for a drink, but pretty decent low light results for such a small sensor as well... There is definitely grain, but very usable.

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