** Weekly Wildlife Thread, 05 April, 2009 **

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Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
Well done Abby!

Very good as usual - love the Great blue.

Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
Love the Merganser . .

Well done.

Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Tucson

Spent part of last week in Tucson on business, and managed to do some shooting!
Sonora Desert Museum Bird Aviary
50D, 100-400mm, flash

White-winged Dove

Ferruginous Hawk

Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
California JJ

All are great, but love the first one.

Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
Froggy Rats

Sharp enough - nice pose.

Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
East Texas Stuff

Well done Mike, love the Waxwing and Warbler.

Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
Red-Tailed Hawk

Nothing wrong with that lens - well done.

Jim_A Regular Member • Posts: 126
Gulf coast of Florida

Well done Rodrigo, looks like we see the waterfowl - especially the Brown Pelican.

PeaceFrog Forum Pro • Posts: 12,185
A few from SE Texas

Here are a couple of shots from the past week in SE Texas.

Swainson’s Hawk

Common Nighthawk


Semipalmated Sandpiper

Royal Tern

Black Skimmer



Prothonotary Warbler

White Ibis

Little Blue Heron

Blue-winged Teal

Green Heron

White-eyed Vireo

Red-winged Blackbird

Blue-winged Warbler

White-faced Ibis

Tricolored Heron

Upland Sandpiper

Hooded Warbler

Northern Parula

Black and White Warbler

Thanks for looking,


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bikeguy Forum Pro • Posts: 11,735
Sheesh, Greg...

One after the other...just great...

In no particular order, your "in flight" skills make me jealous - that's a mountain I'll be trying to climb at some point...the color of the prothonotary warbler is breathtaking...those Green Heron shots - just beautiful...I love how the common nighthawk almost looks like snakeskin...and on and on...

Thanks for the inspiration, sir. Hats off to you.


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Nice exposure on 1 and 3. One the rare occasion that I've photographed these birds I've found it impossible to get the exposure correct. Well done.


sailorboy Contributing Member • Posts: 545
Burrowing Owl after dark

Thought you might enjoy a few pic's of the Burrowing Owl taken after dark.
One has to love those big eyes. Pic's were taken on Marco Island,Florida.


Head image,

Full image,

larger image,


KtownJohn Regular Member • Posts: 294
What Charles Said
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I second what Charles said. What a great series and amazing variety.

KtownJohn Regular Member • Posts: 294
Just a couple

40d and 400 5.6

Tufted Titmouse


Jackson22 Contributing Member • Posts: 760
wow: A few from SE Texas

if these pic are "just" your output for the week, it maybe equivalent to my 5 years or possible longer compilation, of course minus the BIF's. that is if i leave my wife totally....lol

great shots greg. as usual enjoy looking at your work.
jackdshutter from surrey bc
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rodrigoshariff Regular Member • Posts: 293
Dunlin, not Least Sandpiper

Just realized #4 is clearly not a Least Sandpiper but a Dunlin. Sorry for the bad ID


Zeee Forum Pro • Posts: 22,581

This wind is tough on my ears

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artyman Regular Member • Posts: 439
Re: ** Weekly Wildlife Thread, 05 April, 2009 **

A beefly shot with the el cheapo kit lens

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stevejenn Veteran Member • Posts: 4,292
Juvenile Bald Eagle

Tide was out when I got to the wetland so I decided to walk out to a small Island at the edge of the bay. This Baldy was sitting at the top of a tree at the base of the outcropping. Climbed up to the top and ended up about 200' away but level with it. Another nice sunny day today, and the walk was good.

Shot RAW-PP using DPP-resized and converted to jpg
Canon 40D + Canon 100-400 Exif Intact

Comments always welcome


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netgarden Forum Pro • Posts: 10,770
There you go again,

raising the bar for all of us! ; )

Looks like the birdies are back, and your work is fabulous. Thnx for the inspiration!
OK which camera this time? lol Do you like the 50D?
I'm thinkin' thats cheaper than a longer lens....tempting...

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