How do you protect your Metz from freezing over? (a little story)

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Re: How do you protect your Metz from freezing over? (a little story)

B Gavin wrote:

I like Metz myself, and have quite a selection of dedicated SCA
units, but generally tend to use the SCA 301 shoes anyway. Before
deciding to take the plunge for that 76 MZ-5, remember that it'll
take the same SCA 3102 Canon module and if that's really where your
issue is - you won't be a happy camper!

I use the 301s myself when I want to go "strobist" style. I like the PC connector (which the 3102 doesn't have).

If you've already swapped batteries and that didn't work, the next
cheap test you might want to try is a 'kettle cosy' - normally used
to insulate teapots, or a large mitten. If you can use one of those
and one of those chemical hand warmers to keep the flash itself warm
when not in use - you may be able to confirm that the problem is
actually related to the flash and not the SCA unit.

I'd also suggest contacting the Metz support site and presenting the
issue to them. The techs there are very professional and you'll have
an answer in a day or so - no cost - and they'll tell you if this is
unusual behavior and what the probable cause would be.

Thanks BG. The shoe is already on it's way to Metz. I do hope they find something wrong with it. I'll wait to see what they say before DIYing it.


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