forthcoming D3X pro review

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yunfat Contributing Member • Posts: 877
Re: forthcoming D3X pro review

Ivan S Abrams wrote:

Yunfat's comments are unnecessarily nasty and inappropriate. How
could he possibly be able to evaluate the photos of another
photographer without having actually seen them? "Less than stellar?"
Impossible to give credence to that assertion based on the complete
lack of objectivity.

These forum threads seem to inevitably disintegrate into egocentric
displays of ignorance and bad manners, regardless of the initial
merit of the discussion.

I'm not being nasty, I am trying to figure out when it became cool to sell cars without engines. Where I come from, backups don't need to be advertised, they are understood, just like when you buy a car, you expect it to have an engine. Every pro wedding photographer I know uses backups, if they don't they won't be a wedding photographer for long. The OP says instant backups are a big deal, right? What if his D3x dies? Does he have a backup camera for his "instant back up" camera? Does the bride know that the backup camera to the D3X doesn't have instant back-up? Surely if you tell your clients about instant backup you must also tell them that your backup camera doesn't have instant backup, right?

I apologize for offending everyone and the OP, but it's a slippery slope, one a pro probably shouldn't advertise unless he had multiple D3 bodies, which the OP specifically said he did not.

raoulsam Regular Member • Posts: 374
Re: forthcoming D3X pro review

Most pros don't like NX was the official answer? Wow! Why bother selling it at all then? Why keep the NEF format so opaque to other software providers? Are they seriously trying to dissuade nikon users from being professionals and vice versa? Lame....

Franky I'd prefer it if they'd said, "dude, it's an 8k camera, we know you'll pony up for the 200 bucks so we're going to stick it to you anyway..."

Rexyinc Regular Member • Posts: 433
Re: forthcoming D3X pro review

dress detail shot from my first dx3 wedding.. click it to see the 100% cut

vineyard location - was nice but the massive bushfires killed the day..

btw the DR on his skin is very nice surprise.. from bright sun to dark shade it comes up very well.

both these were passed through LR to PS4. no PP. just a crop on this bottom one.

with 100% crop.. i've got a bad feeling that flickr is compressing these images or something to save space/transfer data sizes.. when i save these back to my hd and look at the same files i uploaded they look different and the files are heaps smaller bad choice for hosting on.

Thomas Streng Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
Re: I withdraw my offer

Its even harder to learn from somebody who tells all the time "you can learn from me" but who has not yet presented any facts.
just my opinion.

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