Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

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OP Jost von Allmen Forum Member • Posts: 66
Re: Glad the Nikon has an AA filter

Hi Martin
Unfortunately, Capture One can't open the files from the D3x (yet).

The default settings in C1 for sharpening are definitely too high, if you want to work on the file and also resize it. I have my own settings for presharpening, which are much lower.

I prefer to convert my D3 and D3x files with NX2 to any other software I have tried so far. I have many different settings for batch processing, which really are great time savers.

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jean bernier Veteran Member • Posts: 3,181
D3X a MF competitor? What a joke !

Kerry Pierce wrote:

2) How much of an advantage is the extra resolution of the D3X
really? I don't understand why people keep saying D3X will blow away
D3 in detail when the increase in resolution isn't that significant?

It's a 40% increase in resolution, which can certainly be seen.
Whether or not that would be really significant, would depend greatly
on user need, intended output, print/viewing size, and many other
factors, I'd guess. Some people will likely derive benefit, perhaps a
significant benefit from the additional resolution. Most average
users probably would not. It seems likely to me that in order to
derive significant benefit from the added resolution, the user would
have to employ strict shooting discipline, the best glass and support
systems, and strict post processing and printing disciplines and

Absolutely. The difference is certainly readily visible, but nothing out of this world.

To me, at least, no reason yet to upgrade, unless the coming year is really busy, and if I shoot for clients that can really USE the added resolution.

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m_appeal Veteran Member • Posts: 3,434
What does visible mean?

A little less soft at bigger print sizes?

jean bernier Veteran Member • Posts: 3,181
Re: What does visible mean?

m_appeal wrote:

A little less soft at bigger print sizes?

With some subjects, yes. With other subjects, like the tests I saw at Imaging resource (D3 vs D3X, base ISO's) the D3X resolves the fabric texture while the D3 can't: in this case, you really have the edge using the D3X.

I do not print any of my pictures: they're delivered direct to graphic artists for publication, so I do not have the expertise as to how the difference will translate in large prints. One thing for sure, the graphic artist does a lot of retouching, close cutting, pasting of elements, and look at the files at pixel-peeping levels all the time: I'm pretty sure the difference might be obvious to "are you by any chance using a new camera?"

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All photographs are only more or less credible illusions

PhotoRecon Veteran Member • Posts: 4,032
Re: Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

"Nikon could give me one though......"


And if you were rich, and since you don't need it, would you try to sell your forked-over D3X on eBay for $5,000 or $8,000?


m_appeal Veteran Member • Posts: 3,434
I don't like IR tests... to be honest

they seem to be inconsistent / all over the place... if you compare fabrics from the D3X to 5dII, 5dII looks like plastic too...I seriously wouldn't put too much stock in it.

I don't know... I'm just not all that confident that you'd have much if an advantage with 24 MP... you'd still have to upsize to get a quality print at 24X36. Sure, maybe you'll get some more detail, but I highly doubt it's sufficient to get a huge increase in quality.

Martin Datzinger Senior Member • Posts: 2,248
Re: Glad the Nikon has an AA filter


I meant a demo of moire removal on the P45 shots, sorry to be unclear!

Kind regards,

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Sierra Crest Outfitter Contributing Member • Posts: 677
Re: Inital comparison D3x - D3 - P45+ at base ISO

Well, it's beginning to look more and more like my D3 purchase, that is if these test here hold up. Was the right one to make. The comparison here shows that your really not getting that much more with the D3x. That appears not even close to MF. The D3 has 99.9% of my needs for sure, not to mention 9 fps, and manageable files sizes.

Seem the D3x is making out to be a marketing strategy more than anything else. Not a MF killer that Nikon is leading us to believe . I really can't imagine the 8 grand price tag holding.

Bernard Languillier Veteran Member • Posts: 4,672
Re: 20-24mp total waste of time

jackie spanner wrote:

it may improve the D3x image a little bit

but once you fcator in that horrid AA filter, in camera noise
reduction etc..

teh difference really isn;'t going to be anything significant over a
D3 image thats been image resized and smart sharpened a little in

yes, of course there will be some sort of visible difference at 100%

but for editorial photography or large prints... a negligible
difference that your clients won't even spot

Not sure about that, my view is that correctly processed files from the D3 and D3x will look very different at A2 print size.

Beyond that, stitching will remain mandatory with the D3x for very large prints, but stitching will be a lot easier to do with the Nikon than with the MFDBs.


Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 7,765
No surprises - but not what I wanted to see!

Jost von Allmen wrote:

Now here is a new comparison between the D3 at 200ISO, the D3x at
100ISO (both shot with the excellent Nikon 24-70mm AF-S on a tripod
with MLU) and the Phase One P45+ at 50ISO on an ALPA SWA with the
35mm (corresponding focal lenght) APO Rodenstock Digital HR.

Both the files from the D3 and the D3x have been upsized with bicubic
smoother to match the width of the P45+: 7216 pixels, quite a
challenge, especially for the D3!

What I would really like to know, is how the D3x fares against MF, given the same pixel pitch at the subject. No one will be surprised at these results, with 7200 pixels to the D3x's 6000, or the D3's 4256.

How well have Nikon implemented their new AA filter? This needs to be answered by examples where the D3x FOV is 5/6 as wide as the P45's. Additionally, one needs to take the comparison photos with optics on both cameras which are "in the same league."

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