D90 continuous shooting mode question?

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D90 continuous shooting mode question?


New D90 owner here. I am reading up on the included manual and trying to use the camera in continuous shooting mode so that I can fire off up to 4.5 photos per second. The manual, as far as I can tell, does not state that the camera has to be in any particular shooting mode in order to use this feature. I put the camera in auto mode and set the shooting mode to continuous and it would only shoot single shot. When I put the camera into Sports mode or no flash I was able to fire off several shots per second (I am using a SanDisk 4GB 30 mb/s card). Why is it that I cannot shoot several shots per second in Auto Mode?

Also, when the camera is in Sports Mode and I am able to fire off several shots per second I have noticed that several of the shots are blurry. I thought that I read that the camera is supposed to continuously refocus while you are shooting in continuous mode. Thanks for any help!!!

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Re: D90 continuous shooting mode question?


All but the very best flashes can not recycle at that flash rate. For burst mode, you probably want to use focus mode AF-C or AF-A.


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Re: D90 continuous shooting mode question?

Page 73 in the manual; If the flash fires in L or H mode (pg. 65), only one picture will be taken each time the

shutter-release button is pressed. The shutter release may be briefly disabled to protect the flash after it has been used for several consecutive shots. The flash can be used again after a short pause.

The flash can take several seconds to recharge and during that time the shutter is disabled. NR will also reduce the number of frames per second that you can take, and of course your shutter speed has to be fast enough to allow for 4.5 fps.

In AF-S the shutter won’t fire unless the camera has achieved an in-focus state and the focus is locked.

In AF-C the camera continually focuses, but that is not the same thing as being in focus. As you move the camera or your subject moves, the in focus state will come and go, but the camera will attempt to continuously re-focus. BUT, the shutter will fire even if when the AF system has lost the in-focus state and the picture is out of focus.

In the D90 manual it indicates that the AF-A mode will only fire when the green in-focus light is on, just like in AF-S. The problem is that you probably won’t get 4.5 fps unless both the camera and the subject are stationary and no time is lost between shots while the camera re-focuses.

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