50 1.4G in hand (possible issues)

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50 1.4G in hand (possible issues)

i received my lens today with much surprise (as i expected it to come much later). while 'playing around' i noticed that the bokeh at 1.4 on the left hand side of the frame of my d300 is oval-ish. however, when the out of focus highlights are placed at the center of the frame, the shape is much more circular. the right side of the frame does not seem to effect the shape of the bokeh nearly as much as the left side. the observed oval-ness rounds out as the lens is stopped down and is back to a circle at about f/2.8.

Has anyone else observed this? i'm wondering if it is just an issue with my copy

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Re: 50 1.4G in hand (possible issues)

You may get more response in the Nikon SLR Lens Forum. It seems that not so many have this lens yet.



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Re: 50 1.4G in hand (possible issues)

thanks for helping a noob out!

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Re: 50 1.4G in hand (possible issues)

Try to photograph something that fills the frame at a perpendicular to the camera, like a test chart or a (dare I say it) brick wall. If you see any focus differences across the frame, I suspect your lens suffers from misalignment of one or more elements. If that is the case, send it in under warranty and Nikon will fix it free.

Good luck,

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that's a normal effect, have a look at this sample

The diaphragm is wide open so it is not shaping the bokeh.

Have a look through your lens, from the rear. Gradually move your eye towards the edges and you'll see why the OoF elements in the corners look like this wide open:


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Sounds like normal bokeh

Sounds like a classic case of what is described here:


Look at figures 2 and 3. Is this what you see in your pictures?

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