24-105mm f4.0L with 2x extension?

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24-105mm f4.0L with 2x extension?

Hey guys, I have a question regarding the 2x extension.

I know they only work with EF lens, so since 24-105 is a L lens and a very good lens, shouldn't it be possible to put a 2x extension on it to reach further?

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Re: 24-105mm f4.0L with 2x extension?

Read this review and will let you know what lenses are compatible

The 24-105 is not compatible with the canon 2x II extension
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Ken Phillips Forum Pro • Posts: 16,364
Some aftermarket 2x converters will work, BUT ...

At f/8 only EOS-1D series bodies will focus properly. (If the TC doesn't tell the camera it exists, all bodies will TRY to focus, with mixed results.)

Also, very few lenses, even really good lenses, hold up that well in front of a 2X converter ... a 1.4x seems to be the magic number.

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