The REAL scoop on MX!

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Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

This was probably her last day at Nikon and she decided to play bad joke...
If not, this was her last day at Nikon...

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where there's smoke there's fire

Richard Dong Contributing Member • Posts: 924
This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes...

It's hard not to be skeptical but one would loved to be proved wrong.

Mik_Rin Regular Member • Posts: 435
MX is coming

There is little doubt that Nikon will be revealing something totally new onto the market within a very short time.

This new produc tline will not mean that the other lines will be discontinued or obsolete. Yes there is a lot of currrrent market out there but the edge goes to the proactive camp. Nikon is set to move things quite a bit -they have been very good at the secrecy front. While Canon are massing more pixels onto the same formats,Nikon is exploring ways of increasing pixel count without packing them tighter.

dx format is also going to a different sensor size crop rratio within the year

On top of this - expect a replacement for the d300 sonner than what many might expect.

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leping Regular Member • Posts: 429
Re: MX is coming

Can someone else try to call the Nikon service and ask about what the girl said?

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Diddlbiker Contributing Member • Posts: 608
It is true!

I just talked to my neighbor this morning and she confirmed the rumor!!

Her coworker's friend has a cousin (twice removed) who once dated the uncle of one of the classmates of the daughter of a janitor at Nikon so it must be true.

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Can someone find the girls phone number ?
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sting Veteran Member • Posts: 4,970

Corporations will fire employees for giving out that information. So, it's hard to believe you.

Luke Kaven Veteran Member • Posts: 5,715
Re: Now, that's a scoop...

Now see, Joseph, you kicked off an extended episode of synaesthesia with that one, and I can't get the scent out of my brain now.

Of course, you're also right, but I don't blame the OP for posting it either under the circumstances.


OP dchphoto Regular Member • Posts: 381
Why some of it is true.

Well I'm not making it up. I think most people here if they had been given an earfull on a new camera by a Nikon employee and had no nps restrictions would post here. The reason I think she was telling the truth on what she knew is that there were many of my questions she did not know the answer to. She didn't have an answer to everything. Perhaps I should have posted "These are her wild @ss guesses" below what she had partial info on. At any rate, what she had no info at all on, but was just speculating, I did not even post. When I asked her about Nikon's new camera, SHE brought up MX, etc. I personally would have preferred a FF 24mp d700 type camera. I think her story is more credible than the camera store owners' or some friend who knows somebody. She could be full of bs, we will see in about 11 days.

Bob Jameson Contributing Member • Posts: 526
Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

RudivanS wrote:

I for one appreciate your interesting post. Brush-off the negative
types here.
We shall soon see how much she knows.
Anyway, you must be a smooth talker man.
Rudi - freelancer (15 years of film - 5 of digital)

I agree. Don't shoot the messenger.

Take the message for what it is with a grain of salt.

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Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

Hi guys

Phoned Nikon UK service centre and got pretty much the same comments as the OP, although no confirmation of price and release is not 2 weeks after anouncement on 20/11... more like two months.

Not sure how the OP managed to talk for an hour about this though... the guy I spoke to was happy to pass this on in less than 10 minutes!

Have Fun
Photo Pete

OP dchphoto Regular Member • Posts: 381
Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

Hey great. Maybe the negative posters could do the same and call the service center instead of flaming me. The girl I spoke with had a thick accent and I asked similar questions to get the same info to make sure I was understanding her correctly. It took an hour including getting my lens issue resolved.

handsomer426 Regular Member • Posts: 234
Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

so if MX format is true, nikon will product another line of lens just for MX format cameras only?

that would suck

wouldn't it be better for MX format to accept FX lens out now?

Bob Quinn Senior Member • Posts: 2,204
Let's wait and see

I also don't get the unwarranted animosity toward the OP. It's really not a problem - as has been said, we'll find out soon enough.

I do see a potential problem with a larger than FX sized sensor, disallowing for a huge breakthrough with existing sensor technology (what, black silicon already?!).

And that is, to use existing lenses on a FX+ sized sensor, it seems that vignetting would become a major problem. I never had it with the D300, but with the D700, at certain focal lengths and apertures, it does happen. With a much larger sensor, vignetting seems impossible to avoid. Even if the light could somehow be evenly spread out over the larger sensor, it would have to lessen the intensity of the light striking it, making for slower exposures.

The only way I can see to counter the vignetting problem would be much more aggressive in-camera anti-vignetting algorithm, and/or a likewise Capture NX solution.

If such a camera is produced, and it doesn't come with a line of FX+ matching lenses, I believe it would have to be intended primarily for studio shooters. And more so, should the pixels be densely packed.

So while this leads me to a bit of skepticism, I'll allow for the possibility that Nikon could have found a way overcome the vignetting in some way.

Hans Giersberg Veteran Member • Posts: 3,951
Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

wouldn't it be better for MX format to accept FX lens out now?

FX lenses generally wouldn't have a big enough image circle for the rumored MX sensor, so you'd end up with considerable vignetting. The rumor, however, is that FX lenses can be used with an adapter in FX crop mode. All rumors, of course. The only reason to give these rumors any credence is that some very reputable people have suggested it's not a load of BS.

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Photo Pete Veteran Member • Posts: 5,223
Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

Yup. It's Sunday night here. I spoke to Nikon Service on Friday afternoon and got the info then. Thought it was odd that a service assistant would be authorised to give out those details and just thought they were talking bs. When I saw another post saying the same this evening I thought I'd confirm what I'd been told.

To be honest I'm not really too interested in it at the moment... my D2x is doing just fine.

Have fun
Photo Pete

michaeladawson Forum Pro • Posts: 13,855
I believe that's what the OP said

handsomer426 wrote:

wouldn't it be better for MX format to accept FX lens out now?

The OP specifically passed along the information that current F mount lenses would still work. Although, I would imagine you would probably have to use them in the FX crop mode to avoid vignetting or poor edge performance.
Mike Dawson

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Bob Quinn Senior Member • Posts: 2,204
Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

Why would that suck? What's wrong with having another choice? It wouldn't take away from anything that is available now, and I don't believe Nikon would abandon its lower tiered lines - because face it, MX would be a premium line which most people couldn't afford.

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handsomer426 wrote:

so if MX format is true, nikon will product another line of lens just
for MX format cameras only?

that would suck

wouldn't it be better for MX format to accept FX lens out now?

michaeljberman Senior Member • Posts: 1,551
Some Math.. . .

OK, I started running numbers. I spent 25 years making computer chips, so I know a "little" about that end. Taking a look at the 3 DSLR size:

18 x 24 mm
24 x 36 mm
36 x 48 mm

Next, find the number of gross die per 200 mm wafer (still the main wafer size for sensors), it comes out at:

18 x 24 mm 55 gross die wafer
24 x 36 mm 24 GDW
36 x 48 mm 10 GDW

Lets add a 90% die yield and a $1,000 wafer cost, we have a net cost per die of:

18 x 24 mm $20.41
24 x 36 mm $45.45
36 x 48 mm $111.11

OK, now we have good die on a wafer, lets add the cost to package & testing (AKA back end) I have less back ground in this, but will use SWAG numbers:

Die size Die cost P&T Total cost going into the Camera
18 x 24 mm $20.41 $25.00 $45.41
24 x 36 mm $45.45 $40.00 $85.45
36 x 48 mm $111.11 $75.00 $185.11

This is the fab and back end cost, it does not include the NRE (design and masks) That cost could be 10 to 25 million USD. Less use a NRE cost of $20,000,000. The amount that will be added to each camera is based on the total production run, I will use numbers of 50,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000. (this is why it makes sense for Nikon to use the same sensor in the D700 as the D3, and why Sony may want to sell it's 24 Meg sensor)

Production Run NRE/unit (based on $10,000,000)
50,000 $200
100,000 $100
1,000,000 $ 10

So the net cost to Nikon to make a MX sensor (36 x 48 mm with 100,000 units) vs a DX (24 x 36 mm with 1,000,000 units) would be $285 vs $95 or about $200 in it's BOM.

OK, I may be off a little, but it is not going to be $1,000's more to make. You can also see why Nikon will want to price it so it will sell in big numbers > 100,000 production run (in 18 months), that is a run rate of

OK, I did not talk about the cost of the computer processing needs in the camera, true, but if the Sensor is about 2X, then the computer power needed will be about 2X, that is the normal increase in 18 months (OK the D3 is not quit that old( it was per DPR Announced 23-Aug-07), but you get the idea, based on Moore's law ( which is for computer type chips NOT sensors!) So there is not a lot of change in that cost from when the D3 came out.

The retooling for the camera and lens is a different cost, that is not may area so I will let all the other talk to that point.


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The delivery date

I find it hard to believe that a customer service phone rep knows anything at all about the new camera unless they are about to be delivered to store shelves, as they would need to be trained to take the calls.

That's what makes the OP post tantalizing. Announcement in 11 days and available on shelves 2 weeks after that. One could believe that the service reps have now been trained on the new model.

This confirmation post that says delivery isn't for another two months after announcement makes it a little harder for me to believe that the service reps would have this type of information yet.
Mike Dawson

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