HDMI output?

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grfics New Member • Posts: 9
HDMI output?

I'm wondering if the HDMI output is working for people -
I got a cable and on three different HDTV's I get "no signal" -

I have no way to test the cable, but I guess I'll have to bring it back to Calumet and see what they say.


John Beale Regular Member • Posts: 320
does the HDMI output work in "live view" mode?

Sorry if this is a FAQ- I'm still using my trusty 20D so the live preview mode is all new to me. Does the analog video output and/or HDMI output carry the live preview image as well, or is that only functional for image playback?

If video output was live during preview, it seems useful for getting critical focus in a studio situation without shooting a lot of frames. Sometimes what seems focused in the viewfinder doesn't quite seem to match what ends up in the file. Thanks for any info!

John Beale

Erik Johansen
Erik Johansen Senior Member • Posts: 1,271
Re: HDMI output only for play-back

According to the "EOS Utility Manual"; (on the cd-rom or here:


See also camera manual warning: Never use HDMI-out and Video-out at the same time.

If HDMI kan be kept connected together with the USB to PC, I don´t know; manuals don´t tell. But anyway, there are no signal on HDMI-out eccept in the playback-mode.

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OP grfics New Member • Posts: 9
Re: HDMI output only for play-back

I've read the manual, and connected it properly.
Still I'm wondering if the HDMI out on a 50D is working for people.
One person answered me before to say he had to wiggle the connection.
The video out works for both playback and LiveView and there is no signal
for either from the HDMI output.

A lot of people have 50D's now - is anyone else using the HDMI?

OP grfics New Member • Posts: 9
Re: HDMI output only for play-back

So I finally found another HDMI mini to HDMI cable and it works!

And it's not just playback - LiveView also works, with magnification and Exposure Simulation. I'm not sure what the resolution of the signal really is.


John Beale Regular Member • Posts: 320
What is the resolution of 50D HDMI output?

I tried the composite-video output and the resolution is pretty lousy. From what I have read, the cheap

MathGuy314 Forum Member • Posts: 57
Re: What is the resolution of 50D HDMI output?

Sorry I can't tell you the actual resolution but I picked up a mini HDMI to HDMI cable for my 50D from a well known online retailer for about $5 and it works great.

John1940 Senior Member • Posts: 2,820
Resolution is about 2 megapixels

The cheap HDMI cables work fine.

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