Bower slide copier - duplicator

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Bower slide copier - duplicator


has anyone used the Bower Slide copier - duplicator to copy slides to digital files?

(here is a link :

I know it won't give the same quality as a dedicated slide scanner, but it is much more faster.

If you have used it, can you post some examples of your results? Some people said that the corners are very soft. I would like to see for myself.

Thank you!

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Claude Carrier

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windummy New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Bower slide copier - duplicator

I recently purcashed a Bower slide copier attachment for my Canon A75, admittedly an "entry-level" digital camera.

However, I am finding that it is the ideal solution for digitizing my rather extensive slide collection. It is not perfect, since it was not advertised for the A75 (but for the A85 etc.) What I mean is that focal length is not ideal, in that to get the entire 35mm image, I have to include a lot of black border on all sides, However, this slide disadvantage is easily overcome by cropping out the border on any image editing software.

I set my camera to the Program mode, set it on a tripod, and aim it out the window into the daylight. I tried numerous experiments with artificial light sources, and they were all unsatisfactory. Of course, I also set the Program mode for daylight.

While the results might not satisfy a persnickety professional, for this amateur, the results are most satisfactory. In a projector, with the images filling a seven-foot wide screen, the images hold together just fine for my purposes.

Considering the cost, the time involved in copying, the simplicity, and the results, I recommend this kind of slide oopy attachment unreservedly. Hope this helps.

Cedarhill Veteran Member • Posts: 4,638
Re: Bower slide copier - duplicator

I have thousands of slides dating back 30 years that I would love to digitize. I bought a cheaper scanner and the results were unsatisfactory. I would also like to hear from others who have used this rather inexpensive solution - or possibly some other similar hardware.

binary_eye Veteran Member • Posts: 4,290
Re: Bower slide copier - duplicator

Cedarhill wrote:

I would also like to hear from others who have used
this rather inexpensive solution - or possibly some other similar

I've successfully used a 50mm lens with an extension tube (36mm, I believe) to photograph slides. I used an SB-600 diffused by white cloth to light the slide from behind, triggering it with the in-camera flash of the D80 in commander mode. I set up a makeshift "slide holder" that didn't change position between switching slides.

If using a tripod, the process is pretty quick once the correct focus distance is set between the camera and slide. It's probably not the best solution, but it is cheap provided you have the necessary equipment.

pfeitosa New Member • Posts: 16
Re: Bower slide copier - duplicator

Anyone tried this with a higher pixel count sensor, such as the D7000 (16MP)?
Some say this is great with the Nikkor 40mm f/3.5 Micro.

WFulton Senior Member • Posts: 2,695
Re: Bower slide copier - duplicator

Any macro focal length is fine, so long as you can position the slide at the appropriate distance to largely fill the frame with the slide. All you need to do is to mount the slide, light it from the rear (diffused), and aim the macro lens at it.

See about using the Nikon 60mm macro lens with the Nikon ES-1 slide copying attachment. Some extra extension is necessary on a DX camera.

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