50D Info and Pics

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50D Info and Pics
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Re: 50D Info and Pics

from what i gather upto now it 12mp and 3" VGA screen
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Re: 50D Info and Pics

EOS 50D, to satisfy the high-end numerical code list counter-camera user to live to the high picture archery target demand. Please heartily understand condenses the Canon unique technology and the rich experience, has the remarkable expressive force high fine image. Uses the Canon independent development production the CMOS image sensor, has approximately 15,100,000 effective picture element Gao Huazhi. The high sensitivity luminosity high clear beautiful image, the nature reappearance is absorbed the object the detail. Provides the new generation DIGIC 4 digit phantom processor, brings exquisitely, the lifelike color performance! The DIGIC technical performance further enhances. Is absorbed from the detail faithful reappearance the object the tone, the shadow. The lens built-in against shake the function, reduces blurring which, because the hand shakes creates, brings the more photography pleasure! Against hand shakes easily, to focus, lays out satisfaction picture EOS synthesis dust removal system, further reduces the dust to the phantom the influence. Unique dust removal countermeasure. On the effective reduced sensor the dust adsorption with accumulates.

Provides approximately 15,100,000 effective picture element APS-C size CMOS the image sensor, the lens focal distance conversion ratio approximately is 1.6. 22.3×14.9 millimeter CMOS size, single picture element size approximately for 4.7μm, not can only present the splendid phantom which exquisitely the lens catch, may realize the beckoning background empty effect.

The performance remarkable DIGIC 4 digit phantom processor brings ISO100~ISO3200 the superelevation photosensitiveness commonly used establishment scope, when night photography may also expand to ISO6400 and 12800. At the same time, has the splendid signal-to-noise ratio, has suppressed when largely the high sensitivity luminosity particularly dark spot noise spot (C.Fn II-2), as well as when long time to make public photography produces noise spot (C.Fn II-1). May divide 4 scales according to the noise reduction degree (standard/weak/strong/closure) to carry on the establishment, “strong” outside three establishments, will not reduce the camera to pat the performance.

Regardless of being the highlight, the shadow may clear gorgeous present. May carry on the high light tone first to photograph, presents splendidly from the shadow to the highlight color transition, suppresses the high light part effectively the detail loss. Through (C.Fn II-3) carries on the menu establishment from the definition function, in the high light tone first photographs in the process, in the liquid crystal monitoring device and the viewfinder will demonstrate

Has the approximately 15,100,000 effective picture elements, the approximately 6.3/second high speed companies to pat the performance. While realizes high speed Lian Pai, guarantees the high resolution, and in instantaneous completes high accuracy focusing! Provides the high accuracy 35 area light measuring sensor, may act according to the photography environment, through 4 kind of light measuring patterns, grasps the optical fiber the subtle difference, photographs a more splendid phantom. Performance remarkable 9 spot wide area cruciform type automatic focusing (AF) system.

Uses magnesium alloy fuselage which firm reliable, is worth trusting; Classical contour design, stimulation photography phantom creativity. The shutter service life achieves the approximately 150,000 times! Splendid dustproof, against water-drop performance, lets the photographic amateur deal with the severe photography environment calmly.

Uses the brand-new 920,000 VGA3.0 inch liquid crystal monitoring device, suppresses the reflection, even if may also with ease glance over under the bright optical fiber. In photography process, but direct-viewing adjusts the photography establishment on the liquid crystal monitoring device, simple convenient. The lens built-in against shake the function, reduces blurring which, because the hand shakes creates, brings the more photography pleasure! Carries on the photography intuitively through the liquid crystal monitoring device “the real time display photography” the function.

Thomas Theuerkorn Contributing Member • Posts: 649
Re: 50D Info and Pics

the site name ...dog-crp.jp makes this very believable

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wildlife1212 Senior Member • Posts: 1,109
good catch

Thomas Theuerkorn wrote:

the site name ...dog-crp.jp makes this very believable

nicolas wong New Member • Posts: 16
photo product: large

fake or not?

Bruce-K Regular Member • Posts: 213
Sample Pics here
magich Senior Member • Posts: 1,114
It's a fake! Try to ...

... click on the buttons on the left

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Maciej Solarek Forum Member • Posts: 87
Re: photo product: large

Hi Nicolas,

I can't see attached photos. Could you check it?

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muxamed Regular Member • Posts: 417
Re: 50D Info and Pics

That site seems to be created for the 50Ds sake. Nothing else is accessible.

Travis Feisthamel Senior Member • Posts: 1,706
Re: photo product: large

It looks like the print button now also has something to do with the screen. Maybe a screen on/off. From what I read in the specs I wonder if the Live View can be full time now, especially since it says with facial recognition.
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nicolas wong New Member • Posts: 16
Re: photo product: large

it's still there I guess. but the picture is very big so you actually see the white portion of the picture. click on the image or move the horizontal slider the the center.

Michael Meinhard Regular Member • Posts: 347
50D - 40D Quick Comparison

If it is a fake, it's a very, very good one. See the quick-comparison:
1) different wheel
2) 4) shaping of surface
3) slightly diferent hot shoe?
Overall materials differ


Maciej Solarek Forum Member • Posts: 87
Re: photo product: large


you' re right. Sorry for this. I realized that pictures were so b ig after I'd sent e-mail.... :-))

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Douglas Brown Contributing Member • Posts: 675
Re: 50D Info and Pics

EXIF data in the sample photos IDs the camera as a 50D and the dimensions of the photos are 15 megapixels. If it's fake, they're paying attention to details.

thomas2279 Forum Pro • Posts: 10,876
Re: 50D - 40D Quick Comparison

That looks real to me, only wish would there be overhaul in the body design...

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muxamed Regular Member • Posts: 417
Re: 50D - 40D Quick Comparison

But don't you think that bodies look very very similar? Changes in design between 30D and 40D or between 20D and 30D were much more pronounced. Canon I guess must be very satisfied with how 40D looks. Or they simply haven't had time to make a real design changes?

MaxFX Contributing Member • Posts: 561
Re: 50D Info and Pics

It's real guys and it's coming.

I see there is a sentence about weather sealing on the translation. It might have some sort of weather sealing.

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Tom Brown Forum Member • Posts: 51
Re: 50D - 40D Quick Comparison

the 3 inch screen limits the space for redesigning the rear of the camera.
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Wolbo New Member • Posts: 13
Re: 50D Info and Pics

I saw this link posted earlier on FredMiranda but didn't post it here. It's not a Canon website but pretends that it is and that leads me to believe it is probably a hoax. Only other explanation I can think of is that it is a webdesign company that working for Canon but that seems a long shot.

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