D700 has arrived

Started Jul 24, 2008 | Discussions
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nodrog Regular Member • Posts: 271
D700 has arrived

Got a call from the local Biccamera this morning to tell me I could pick up the D700 a day earlier than expected!

Have unpacked and checked it over (Nikon's packaging has become considerably greener over the years) but I have no time to take any test photos other than the obvious shots of views out of windows etc. I will find a suitable brick wall to test it out tomorrow.

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Marker Senior Member • Posts: 1,102
Re: D700 has arrived
Juergen Senior Member • Posts: 1,373
Re: D700 has arrived

Congratulations, you are the first here!

JimLenexa Regular Member • Posts: 290
Be sure to share some of your brick wall shots, LOL!

That thing looks so good sitting there next to its new box. Makes my mouth water!
Jim Meyer

Lihkin Senior Member • Posts: 2,374
Re: D700 has arrived

The box looks big. Is this the one with the 24-120?


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Bob Jameson Regular Member • Posts: 392

Congratulations. Yes, you are the first.

Looks like you are from Japan so we can understand.

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002DnokiN Regular Member • Posts: 471
Re: D700 has arrived

congrats! hope you can sleep tonight:) I just purchased one tonight. Arrives this Friday. best.. dj
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1ajs Regular Member • Posts: 200

congratz on the new camera looks like a beuty drools and cross's fingers i can get a bunch of work to put some money aside to upgrade from my 2 yr old pentax slr

stringbean98 Junior Member • Posts: 28
Re: D700 has arrived

wow, i'm so jealous.

Adorama, don't let me down!

psandham Senior Member • Posts: 2,015
It appears to be gray market!......:-> n/t
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Film is photography'

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Edmond Wong Contributing Member • Posts: 575
Is it bundled with NX2 ?


BigPixel Veteran Member • Posts: 3,371
Re: D700 has arrived

Please don't shoot a brick wall! Shoot some people, pets in various lighting, etc.
BigPixel / Hawaii

PhotoRecon Veteran Member • Posts: 4,032
The Brick Wall Test -

"I will find a suitable brick wall to test it out tomorrow."

If you were Darth Vader II - you would throw your
new camera at this brick wall to test its durability!!!


Hocus Pocus Senior Member • Posts: 1,712
Re: It appears to be gray market!......:-> n/t

Hmm -- how did you determine that?

Reason why I ask is because the original poster is in Japan. So likely he got the Japanese version released on the 25th (in Japan, some 1/2 day ahead of the U.S.).

Bic Camera is a Japanese camera retailer:


Grey market is just simply a camera that was not meant to be sold in a particular country, AND wasn't bought by someone on an overseas trip with original receipt in possession.

In a nutshell, I'm not seeing any indications that this was a grey market purchase.

CamasJC Senior Member • Posts: 1,382
Re: It appears to be gray market!......:-> n/t

...Did you notice the :-> in the subject line?

Hocus Pocus Senior Member • Posts: 1,712
Ahh, good point


RudivanS Veteran Member • Posts: 4,449
Re: D700 has arrived

nodrog wrote:
snip -

I have no time to take any test photos ..

Gotta make the yen to pay for that baby
Rudi - freelancer

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nikhgan Senior Member • Posts: 1,552
Re: D700 has arrived


I envy you........

Rob Tomlin
Rob Tomlin Regular Member • Posts: 431
Re: D700 has arrived


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