Canon 1DMkIII update

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5D Monster Senior Member • Posts: 1,051
Well I guess

I owe you an appology Navy.
There is lots of talk about the new firmware now.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all...
Thanks for your 1st post to be honest...

John W Peterson Senior Member • Posts: 2,737
Good point

If the camera is truly fixed, then the only real reason to "upgrade" would be for marketing reasons. I was thinking something allong the line of a fixed autofocus 1DIII combined with the solitary upgrade of a higher resolution LCD screen (competitive with nikons new screens), marketed as the "new and improved" 1DIIIn.
Pure speculation on my part. Time will tell.
j. peterson

flo67 Contributing Member • Posts: 932
Re: Canon 1DMkIII update------- DELIVERED!

Here's to hoping this is the end all of 'fixes'.

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littleroot Senior Member • Posts: 1,417
Ha, it was a joke!

I am happy owner of a 1D mark III. I even believe the first batch were duds, as my second copy is spot on. Most others think there never has been a fix, or so it seems.

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