40 D and error messages and Canon Repair Center Irvine CA

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40 D and error messages and Canon Repair Center Irvine CA

The Canon D 40 began to show error messages 3 weeks ago, today it returned from the Canon service center with a form saying there was a pcb assembly problem and they had fixed it. As soon as I tried to take a picture I received the same error messages for which I had sent the camers to Canon Repair 3 weeks ago. this occurs with 2 differnet canon batteries and 4 different canon lenses. Any suggestions thank you joan v hall

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Re: 40 D and error messages and Canon Repair Center Irvine CA

Call them and send in again. They should send you a prepaid mail ticket to return it with this time. I have had to send in both my D30 and 10D three times when new to get focus correctly adjusted and recently I sent in a 300f4IS lens (out of warranty and I paid for the fix) It had completely non working auto and manual focus. I got it back saying they had replaced the focus assembly in it. It would only work for a few autofocus's and the manual focus ring turned endlessly in both directions. They claimed to have had it go through a testing afterward. It took me a month to get it back. The second time they said it also had a loose front focus assembly and they fixed it and replaced parts. I can not see how they could have actually tested it after the first repair and not seen the issue.

The reason it took so long to get back was because they returned it through the US Post Office. No matter how many times I tell them and notes (at least 6) I include, they cant understand that my rural address is a physical address and not a Post Office box. I no longer expect to get something back from them actually fixed the first time. I have read many things on the net about having to send to them multiple times too.

This is why I am still using my old models and havent bought any new Canon gear. If I get another DSLR I will probably change brands.
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