There's room below the 1 and above the 5

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Re: There's room below the 1 and above the 5

A "low resolution" 12MP FF sensor in the 1D body is what I want, 5D resolution IQ is good enough for me, but the 5D body is not something I care for. and I don't have 10K cash in my pocket so D3 + some FF Nikon lens is not an option for me at this point. I am working towards that direction while I am waiting for the Canon offering though.

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While I would agree with you, mastering his tools is the most important thing, I must confess your point is not very solid.

Kai Hui wrote:

People make fantastic photos, there are no reason that you can't.

When the light is missing, you need a better AF, a better sensor, a better Digic and so on. I could also ask the light designer to add some beams to help me, right ??

I do too make fantastic photos with the 5D but the keeper ratio isn't that big and could improve with a 1 series or a better cam like a new pro body FF not focusing on mpix.

If nobody else can take the photos you want, what's your worry?

Yes the owners of a 1 can. But I do not want a cropped cam sporting an unreliable AF circuit or a noisy at 1600 and 3200, expensive yet fabulous high resolution studio cam.

Tool is only tool, you and your competitors have the same tool.

Precisely no. We all have different tools. I'm dreaming of an even better one, that could also stop the mpix race. We need quality, little if any noise, smoothness, precision, extended dynamic...

If Canon does come up something as you wish now, you'd complain again
in 3 days that it is not fast enough to shoot a flying bullet.

No way Kai, I'm just having fun with my tools and getting some money out of it and guess what, I'm now able to understand why there are semi-pro AND pro cameras and looking at Canon's offer, I can't find my dream cam.

Technology has advanced pretty fast, but the one who push the button

Oh yes he has, and that's why technique improves. When we can't focus because the light is too dim, we do create a better AF more sensitive.

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Re: Huh?

Habemus_Canon wrote:

papparazzi wrote:

You are every bit right in wanting a camera like this! This is what
we should have got along time ago. But since canon "you can't"
deliver the goods...maybe it's time to migrate to another system...
yes NIKON!

So which Nikon camera meets those specs?

I introduce you the Nikon D3, worlds best camera.

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1ds Mark II

For $4000 or less you can find a slightly used 1DS Mark II that pretty much meets your specs today. That's what I did.

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Thanks Orcatek

That's an idea. The only drawback is the noise above 800 and the ergonomics of the cam. Hate the double buttons ;0) The weight is also very high. Thanks anyway, If Canon doesn't come with a valid "sub 1" or a high ISO FF "1" for Photokina, I will go for a used 1DsmkII

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