Canon Warranty Transfer?

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Shaky Hand Junior Member • Posts: 30
Canon Warranty Transfer?

Simple question which I can't seem to do an adequate search to fine. If I buy a slightly used lens which is still technically under warranty does that warranty transfer. For instance if purchased off eBay or the same.


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Glenn W. Veteran Member • Posts: 6,428
Re: Canon Warranty Transfer?

Technically speaking no... Canon warranties are to the original purchaser only... or if it was a gift then it is good for the person who it was purchased for.

My understanding is that if the lens has never been registered with Canon previously, then you could very likely get them to honor the warranty as if you were the original owner. It's my understanding that users can register a lens on line, without the warranty card being submitted... so, just because you may have a blank warranty card, does not necessarly mean that lens has never been registered.

Recently there was a Fred Miranda user who raised a ruckus because they tried to register a lens that they had purchased used... and Canon reportedly denied the new owner warranty service, even though the lens serial number was such that the lens could not have been more then a year old... So, it seems Canon does sometimes refuse warranty stuff...

Bottom line... if they don't know it was previously owned, you may be able to get warranty work done on it... if they somehow doubt your the original owner and/or you can't prove your the original owner... then you may not be able to get warranty on it.

Shaky Hand wrote:

Simple question which I can't seem to do an adequate search to fine.
If I buy a slightly used lens which is still technically under
warranty does that warranty transfer. For instance if purchased off
eBay or the same.


Dene Senior Member • Posts: 1,232
A recent mail from Canon to me:

I have 2 suspect lenses and I mailed Canon Canada the other day and the following was thier response:
Thank you for your E-mail inquiry regarding your EOS system.

We received the images attached to your e-mail and understand your concerns. To determine whether the autofocus system your cameras is functioning correctly we recommend performing the following test with both your EOS 30D and EOS 40D using your EF24-105mm and EF 100-400mm lenses.

1. Ensure a filter is not attached to the lens.

2. Place three objects of the same size on a table at different distances from the camera. From left to right, place the left most object closest to the camera and the right most object furthest from the camera. From front to back, space the objects out by about 2 to 3 inches.

3. Then power your camera on in the aperture priority mode and select maximum aperture (small f/stop value) or as close to maximum aperture as possible.

4. Set the image quality to RAW and select the center autofocus point. If the camera is mounted on a tripod turn the lens image stabilizer off.
5. Use the center autofocus point to achieve focus on the center object.
6. You may then proceed with capturing the image.

Perform this test with both lenses used on both cameras to produce a total of 4 images. Please reply to this message with the 4 test images attached. Ensure the images are sent as is without editing using the attachment option within your e-mail program. After receiving and evaluating these images we will advise of our findings.

With regard to the warranty. Canon Canada Inc. supplies a manufacturer's warranty for one (1) year from the date of the original purchase against manufacturing defects. In the event that your product(s) require repair, please be sure to retain a copy of your bill of sale. Please note that Canon Canada Inc. does not offer nor honour extended warranties.

I thought I'd share this with you, I mailed them back asking how to send 4 RAW files over the email system, that will be too big for most systems to handle, even zipped. The date code on my used 100-400 lens indicates it is only several months old, so if I don't have a warranty card, they should still fix it.
Thanks from Dene in Canada

Bohdan Senior Member • Posts: 1,122

you have the original bill of sale. Curious to know whether they will service it with someone elses name on the BOS.

Dene Senior Member • Posts: 1,232
Re: Assuming......

I purchased the 24-105 from Beech Camera I believe, and probably don't have the bill of sale, and the 1-4 lens was an ebay deal. Still, the 1-4 is only several months young.
Thanks from Dene in Canada

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Re: Assuming......

while not a lens I brought a second rollfeed unit for my ipf 5000 4 months ago and it broke after a few mins use (due to a manufactoring defect) and canon canada will not fix it..because i brought it from ebay new in the box from a camera store it not from a canon auth first roll feed unit also broke after a few mins use but i fixed it myself and understood it voided the warr so i have no prob with that..just thought they would change the second one with the manufact defect wheather it was brought from a auth dealer or not due to the fact that it was thair mistake..I spent 20K on canon stuff last year and canon canada service is more intent on beating me the point that after wasting a lot of time on the phone with them discusing the same thing over and over again I just gave up because they were more interested in telling me that unless i purchased from a auth dealer i was sol even though its a well know fact that the rollfeed units were defective from the dealing with canon canada is like getting teeth pulled only worse...think my next wide printer will be other than canon

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Re: Assuming......

I thought the warrenty was only valid when purchased through and authorized Canon dealer.

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Re: Canon Warranty Transfer?

The warranty card has nothing to do with a warranty! It is a marketing tool if you answer all the questions for personnel income, as an example. The bill of sale is the only thing that will get you a warranty. Registering online just gets you e-mailed marketing information and any recall information.

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