Large D3 Heron photo..........

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rlopes Contributing Member • Posts: 891
Re: Large D3 Heron photo..........

Very, very nice capture! Thanks for sharing!...

OP antonoat Veteran Member • Posts: 3,749

Hi Frank,

first off that is probably the most enthusiastic response I have ever recieved for any photo I have ever posted here, for that I thank you.

I never claim my photos are better than anyone else's but I do think a photo is worth a thousand words and sometimes it is the best way to illustrate a point, my point here was I am well pleased with how well the tc14e works with the the d3 and 200-400afs.vr.

The photo is a crop, but the bird was very close and I actually have a series of three photos as it came into land!

Regents park in London is the best place I have found in twenty five years to get close to these normally timid birds.
At this time of year the action is virtually non stop !
I have included a small original image here to indicate the size of crop.

I have printed off an a4 version of the photo you commented on and the detail is quite stunning, I am sure it will easily go to A3 !
here are the settings for that photo.
D3 +200-400afs.vr +tc14E, 1/2500s @f7.1, Dynamic focus (51 points) VR on.
All the best

Kevin F Pyle Senior Member • Posts: 1,581
Re: Large D3 Heron photo..........

Wow Tony, thats damn impressive, great work!
Kevin P.

malcolmgb Forum Member • Posts: 85
Beautiful Shot!

What a beautiful shot! Thanks for showing it. Do you always get such good results when hand-holding that combo?

KRW01 Regular Member • Posts: 323
Re: Large D3 Heron photo..........

The best shot I've seen you post Tony. Glad your skills are capable of bringing out the best in your new equipment. Keep it up!

NeilJones Veteran Member • Posts: 5,455
Stunning work my friend! (nt)
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'Photography is catching a moment in time, and keeping it forever'

OP antonoat Veteran Member • Posts: 3,749

Hi and thanks for your comment.

I wish my results were always like this, I think being in the right place at the right time and having a reasonable command of your equipment helps !

On the day I took roughly 500 photos, I have about fifteen similar to the one posted here.

Many of the others I took I am well pleased with but on that occasion I wanted a full frame flight shot, so to get 15 with perfect focus and good composition from about forty of that subject is I suppose a pretty good result.

The 200-400 is a great lens and coupled with the zoom feature gives much better chance of getting a suitable composition, even with the bird flying toward you it is quite easy to zoom in or out as necessary.

With a subject of that size even with the Tc attached really fast AF is guaranteed.

paul weston Forum Member • Posts: 66
Re: Large D3 Heron photo..........

Beautiful shot!! Iam half way there,got the lense but cant afford the D3.

lanef Forum Pro • Posts: 10,317
Re: Large D3 Heron photo..........

Stunning shot, stunning details.

antonoat wrote:

taken hand held with 200-400afs.vr + tc14e, ISO 1000.

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