Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

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KC Kennedy Senior Member • Posts: 2,440
Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

I'm looking at circuit city site and it's $1,299.

Applied 8% AAA discount plus tax comes up as $1,295.00 total shipped to a store within 24 minutes (not sure how they do it).

Also they have a NO PAYMENTS/NO INTEREST credit card deal, if all of the above work I pretty much have the $1,295 to pay within one year.

Someone wrote about - 20% ebay discount, any info on that?

Or where else can I get it for less?
Thanks in advance.

GaryMiller1951 Contributing Member • Posts: 558
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

Circuit City had an additional 10% coupon that may have ended midnight last night. You can try the Circuit City coupon and see if it still works: LYAP4NTAU9.

I was also the one who wrote about the 20% off at Dell that came to me through a Business email promotion but that is history now. Somebody else found my E-code offer on Ebay is how the Ebay part got in the loop. I ended up returning the one I bought at Dell (for reasons having to do with their customer service) and buying the same thing again at Circuit City with their 0% financing yesterday morning. Got here today with FedEx.

They also offer another $300 off if you bundle it with the Sony 18-200 lens and have another rebate if you buy it with an Epson printer I guess.



Keith Schmidt Veteran Member • Posts: 7,142
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

Someone is selling one at right now, with the two year Sony accidental damage warranty, for $1100.

Not mine, but looks like an outstanding deal.

If you want brand new, then check out - they sell it for $1259, no tax and free shipping.

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photogeorge Contributing Member • Posts: 689
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

Berger Brothers has it online for $1259.99.

Worlock New Member • Posts: 18
Re: Circuit City

That's where I got mine, and I posted the 10% off deal when it was still active - it is not any more. Mine was $1243 with tax. Further, make sure you understand, it is 12 months no interest, yes, but NOT no payments. You are still required to make a minimum payment each month.

Also, it is standard and rather slow shipping to your home address, not to the store. The 24 minute pickup is for items that are already at the store - CC does not carry the A700 body-only instore, it is shipping only.

cosmo08 Regular Member • Posts: 162
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

Abe's of Maine sell it body only for $1189.

Any opinions about this company?

DUSTY LENS Veteran Member • Posts: 4,308
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

I purchased from Burger Brothers and saved money . they were very good to deal with on a return also . Google burger brothers for the on line store . Talk to Lisa By phone .

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moire Senior Member • Posts: 1,886
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

I got mine from Bergerbros, real cheap and good service!

A700 owner

lonewolf69 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,374
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

cosmo08 wrote:

Abe's of Maine sell it body only for $1189.

Any opinions about this company?

Used to deal with them back in the OLD FILM days years ago, IF I remember correctly, they were very reputable! That's a GREAT price for the A700 even better than Berger Brothers. But Berger Brothers is great too!

Good Luck!

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Corkcampbell Forum Pro • Posts: 18,854
The prices in this thread seem high. I thought that I had read that the

A700 price (and the price of its grip) was decreasing. I know that it did in Asia. I am from Houston but am working in Beijing and often go to Hong Kong so I have been watching the prices - tomorrow I will go to the big professional photographers' market and recheck). I haven't been to HK recently, but I know that the Sony stores lowered their prices considerably when the A200 arrived a month or two ago.

That camera is half-way through its life cycle so it is time for some relief. I plan to get one with the grip but am not in any hurry as my current dSLRs work fine and I just (two days ago) picked up a Canon G9 for fun.

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hecgam Regular Member • Posts: 215
beware of the store credit card

just came across this article from msn money

"Beware of store credit cards

"Some people go hog-wild at Christmas and open lots of store credit cards to get that 10% to 15% off their purchase," says Cate Williams, vice president of financial literacy at Money Management International. "Relatively speaking, that is a good idea if you pay off the balance and close the card right away. If you don't, then you will be costing yourself more money in the long run when your credit score isn't up to par."

Steve Rhode, president of Myvesta, a nonprofit consumer-education organization, agrees, saying that each time you open a store credit card, 20 points are taken off of your credit score because, he says, "Historically, store credit cards are issued to anyone with a pulse. They issue credit cards to people who otherwise can't get credit."

Other credit counselors say that you should open a store credit card if it is a store that you shop frequently. Williams says that many store credit cards provide their customers with coupons, bonus points and information on upcoming sales that can only be obtained if you carry the store's card. However, she highly recommends that you open no more than one favorite-store card.


jCasasPhotography Forum Member • Posts: 73
Berger Bros - $1169/body

I bought the body for $1169.99 as well as the grip for $249.99 [same as Sony when it had that sale awhile ago].

I've bought another body from them before but it got stolen [car broken into] and so i bought from them again.. this time even cheaper [they had a $100 instant rebate on the body before feb 1 i believe]

good service and highly recommended.

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HUM469 Contributing Member • Posts: 671
Where are you? Locally could end up being worth it.

If you are in a larger metro area, call around to the stores. I just got back from a local Best Buy where I picked up an open box A700 that came out to $1193 with 8.1% local sales tax and the extended accidental warantee. Though it was an open box, all the cables and things were still factory wound and the little foam cover was still factory taped over the camera. Even still has that new camera smell.

Just to add to the luck, picked up a beer can and a 50mm 1.7 for a combined total of $90.36 at a local used camera shop. That's $65 for the beer can and $20 for the 50, with about 6.4% (just across the boarder of a different city). Now I just need to find a deal on a 16-80Z! Yeah right, anyone got a recommended standard/wideish walk around that is also economical that I can search for?

jprny Regular Member • Posts: 180
Re: Getting a700, what's the best place/deal ????

I just came across this used one, described as "like new", on Amazon. If I didn't own one already, I'd at least send the seller a couple of questions about it (e.g. do they have original sales receipt, detail on condition, etc.).

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photogeorge Contributing Member • Posts: 689
Re: Berger Bros - $1169/body

jCasasPhotography wrote:

I bought the body for $1169.99 as well as the grip for $249.99 [same
as Sony when it had that sale awhile ago].

good service and highly recommended.

This morning, Berger Bros. still has the A700 for $1259.99. B&H has dropped their price to $1299.99. I believe the price will continue to drop. I'm keeping a watch on the price. I'm going to buy it when the price is right. It's a shame the prices aren't dropping on the Sony lenses. I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my lens purchase from Berger Bros. My package is somewhere west of New Jersey. I think..... I'll have my A700 shipped by express mail, so there will be less handling. I have just enough space left for it in a cabinet, next to my 7D. I wish I had the money for everything on my wish list. Life is too short to prioritize.

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