New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Very useful, thank you :0)


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Re: Bump for favorites

This looks great thanks

Rad Dad Regular Member • Posts: 180
Another excellent site....

.....with all kinds of useful information, though not specific to the D300, is

....much in-depth technical detail on the workings of camera parts, why and
how to make various settings, plus a whole lot more.


Rad Dad--- proud new owner of a D300 as of yesterday (Thursday).

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Paul McHale Regular Member • Posts: 405
Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Another site for Capture NX is:


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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE! - Thanks (n/t)
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TapioH Regular Member • Posts: 206
Thanks (NT)
OP B Bretz Regular Member • Posts: 403
You're welcome!
Michael Jardine
Michael Jardine Senior Member • Posts: 1,858
New D700 also

I thought this was a great post when I got my new D300. Much of this also applies to the D700, as well!

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Thank you!

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~ Carmela

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