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Re: Thanks ...

I will use this

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Accessories for the D300

B Bretz wrote:

Please feel free to use this thread to post more helpful ideas, thoughts,
links, pics questions so that well all benefit.

Great idea, Brad. Now if only there were some way to make a "sticky" on the DPR forums. Not sure if this will help but I've compiled a few links to threads that address some common D300 accessories. Thanks to everyone for their valuable contributions.


Useful for long exposures, self-portraits, etc. Nikon makes the MC-30, MC-36, and ML-3. Phottix remotes seem to be a popular and economical alternative and sell on eBay for – Inside the old Phottix N1. - A nice review, thanks to David Chin. - Not much content here.


Though the D300 already has a tough, tempered-glass screen, some like to have an additional barrier against scratches. People have recommended hard, glass protectors from GGS and DaProducts, as well as clear films from invisibleSHIELD and others. About $15 shipped, or less. – GGS found here.


For Arca-Swiss style quick-release systems, Really Right Stuff (RRS) and Kirk are frequently discussed. Markins and Acratech also make custom-fit plates for the D300, while Wimberley makes a universal plate. Very roughly, $50 for a conventional plate, $150 for an L-bracket, and $180 for an MB-D10 grip L-bracket. - Background info for beginners.

Continued in the next post (exceeded 6,000 character limit).

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Same...and thanks

Much appreciated.

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Thanks for the work putting this together. Maybe some day this site will put together an FAQ section for each camera model and this would be a good posting for that.

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Re: Accessories for the D300

Continued from my previous post.


A GPS with serial output can be connected with the 10-pin Nikon MC-35 cable. Alternatively, you can use an aftermarket solution connected by cable or Bluetooth, or even a DIY solution. If you already have a standalone GPS, free software is available to synch up timestamps between your photos and saved track logs.
– Garmin eTrex.
– DIY. – DIY.
– Moose Peterson. – Nikonians eZine, see pg. 7. – Bluetooth. – Bluetooth. – Aftermarket cables. – Software solution, free from Google.


Can't go wrong with genuine Nikon, but some find aftermarket batteries to be an affordable and acceptable alternative. Either way, make sure you have a 3-terminal EN-EL3e or equivalent designed to work in the D300 (not EN-EL3 or EN-EL3a). Some have reported that older aftermarket batteries for the D200 no longer work in the D300.


Whether for comfort, convenience, or looks, some prefer an aftermarket strap. Some suggest OP/TECH or UPstrap.
– Handstraps.
– Anti-theft strap.
– Anti-theft strap.


Many options ranging from holsters to slings to backpacks. Perhaps it’s best to run a search. – Thom’s thoughts. – Reviews.

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Great idea, thanks!

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Re: Accessories for the D300 - THANKS GOBEY!!!

gobey wrote:

Great idea, Brad. Now if only there were some way to make a "sticky"
on the DPR forums. Not sure if this will help but I've compiled a
few links to threads that address some common D300 accessories.
Thanks to everyone for their valuable contributions.

Thanks gobey!!! awesome additions to the thread!!! I agree, I wish we could make a sticky thread with all of our contributions, oh well.

And thanks to everyone for their positive feedback to the thread.

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Thank you so much!

I was fumbling around Nikon's D300 webpages looking for
something like your Digitutor link and couldn't find it. Is it just me,
or is Nikon's website not designed in the most useful, user-friendly

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Brad that had to take some time and effort to put all that information in this forum I for one really appreciate this information I just got my D 300 and been 3 days reading manual. It is surprising all the tecknical information is there but not how to use it for what shooting situations.. this you have made easier by your offered links I really thank you . That is what is so great about this forum happy shooting to you too.

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Tag/Thank you! n/t
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Thanks for all this info (nt)
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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Very good, I only find one flaw,which is,

Folks have to have the ambition to go to the sights and actually apply themselves and read, HMMMM quite an assumption

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Good help....thanks. (nt)


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Ms Barb
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add: The D300 Lounge to the list

Loving my new D300, but it still has secrets locked inside that I haven't discovered. Thanks for the learning tools.

I haven't read all the replies so not sure if it has been mentioned.

But the Lounge is an info source as well.

And thank you for posting all the helpful info.

Barb ;}

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Good links, thanks.


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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Thanks for the compilation

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Thanks for the links. Got mine a week ago and haven't had the time to hunker down with the manual yet. Can't wait.

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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

Agreed thanks!


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Re: New Nikon D300? - START HERE!

This is great...thanks for posting!

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