Review -- Custom Mechanical Cable Release Adapter

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Re: Review -- Custom Mechanical Cable Release Adapter

I have been dealing with the problem of an essential tremor which, although rarely visable, greatly affects my shooting.

In reading this interesting thread I am wondering if a similar setup is available for cameras other than the G series? I have an SD950 IS and even with the IS. I still get camera shake in anything but low ISO situations. If so, I would like to know of a reasonably low cost cable that I could get for use with such an adapter.

Yehuda Katz Forum Pro • Posts: 25,916

Any chance for a Canon SX10 model?
I need it for close up photography.

Thank you,

Richard Franiec wrote:

Great majority of cables are compatible with adapters.
Hakuba, Gepe, Kaiser are among the popular brands.
Exception would be cables designed for large format photography.

G7/G9 adapter require lighter (shorter, more flexible) cables to
prevent inadvertently turning zoom lever which is the base for
mounting the adapter.

Adapter for LX3/D-LUX4 will take any cable even the longest and
heaviest ones.
The mount is based on camera hot shoe and is independent from zoom

Hope, this helps


Richard Franiec
Richard Franiec Senior Member • Posts: 2,542
Re: Richard,


At the moment no plans for development of adapter for SX10, sorry.



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Re: Richard,

Will the G7/G9 adapter also work with the G10?

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