5D production ceased in November- 7D filling the warehouse

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He's leeding you astray

theres no such thing as 'ES' lenses

ne beginner wrote:

Was at Best Buy today ... ran into my neighbor's son's friend, who is
the assistant manager of the camera department (after school, that is
... he's in 12th grade) ... who confirmed that the local Canon rep
told him that will announce at the PMA a new DSLR with a "whippet",
cleans itself, and also eliminates wrinkles (it shares the same UPC
as a P&G anti-aging product under the Oil of Olay brand, which
explains why the 5D UPC has a P&G mfg code).

No one's heard about it on the photography boards because it was
field tested by cosmeticians at Walgreens (apparently it's been
leaked on cosmetic web sites for months)...

Gotta admit, the kid knew his stuff ... asked if it would use EF and
ES lenses, have 6400 ISO, and 8 FPS, and he said "yes, just like the
new 3D! So now we know that there will be a 7D AND a 3D!

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Re: Who are you going to believe- Me or your lying eyes !

William Hubert wrote:

The information concerning the production stop is from a tool supply
company in Japan. They are not aware of details of the 7D, only of
the fixtures that they supplied and the timing of those items.

It will all be obvious in 2 days

What's obvious now, William?

amonsul Regular Member • Posts: 283
Re: Who are you going to believe- Me or your lying eyes !


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