Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

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Olyinaz Veteran Member • Posts: 8,211
Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

E-3, Orion 714mm f/7 scope and the EC-14 for 1000mm & f/10, 1/100th @ 100iso:

Link to telescope info:


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cynolebias_88 Senior Member • Posts: 1,130
WOW !!

One of the best moon images I have seen for a long time
Thanks for sharing
Alfred (Capteyn Morgan)

Keep to the CODE !!
I love my OM's, still working after more than 30 years !!

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Goffen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,301
How can you afford...

...your own satelite ?

I think thats the best moonshot i'we seen taken from anyone outside NASA.

Do you have a tracking tripod ?


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DylanHoen Regular Member • Posts: 374
That's the most detailed moon shot I have seen on Dpreview. (NT)

No Text

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John King
John King Forum Pro • Posts: 14,941
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

Hi Oly

Pretty impressive!

regards, john.

The Camera doth not make the Man (or Woman) ...
Perhaps being kind to cats & children does ...

kindest regards, john from Melbourne, Australia.

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illy Forum Pro • Posts: 12,160
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

i'd love to try birding with that setup lol, very very impressive moonshot indeed

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Barr1e Senior Member • Posts: 1,822
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

Olyinaz -

Is it possible you could drop that shot in here -

or here, or both please?

Regards. Barr1e

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Soon Ruey Regular Member • Posts: 160
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

Out of curiosity, as I don't have any sort of scopes. Will it be possible to get some sort of above average moon picture with the 70-300mm +EC 20? Any ideas? Have been planning to try it out but it has been cloudy past couple of weeks here.

davyg Contributing Member • Posts: 932
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

Very nice Oly.

That has to be the best moon shot I've seen posted here.

How did you attach the camera to the scope?


RktMan Regular Member • Posts: 215
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

Wow! I just spent 5 minutes looking at the picture and it is indeed one of the best best moon shots I've seen.

Thanks for posting. I would love to see the details of the setup and possibly even a picture of the rig put together.


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Denny Colvin Veteran Member • Posts: 3,055

What other plumbing does it take to attach the E-3?

Olyinaz wrote:

E-3, Orion 714mm f/7 scope and the EC-14 for 1000mm & f/10, 1/100th @
Link to telescope info:

mnstoryteller Veteran Member • Posts: 5,674
I keep looking for the flags

that the Apollo boys left up there. If this shot were just a little more detailed, we'd see them!

Wow. Just WoW!

jonlouch New Member • Posts: 17
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

Excellent photo. Much better than most of the snapshots posted on this forum.

Bill Wallace Veteran Member • Posts: 7,020
Seriously good Oly......

Stunning, probably the best moon shot seen on these forums....


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Bill Wallace
dpreview & pbase supporter

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minor salazar
minor salazar Senior Member • Posts: 1,619
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

most excellent....

bobmax Veteran Member • Posts: 6,380
Good Grief!!!! Amazing!!!!!!

Oly... that has to be one of the best, most "crystal clear" moon shots I've ever seen!!


olyflyer Forum Pro • Posts: 27,573
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

Bad lens, bad camera, bad image and finally bad photographer because...

I can't see the American flag...

...but I see you are working on it.

Thank you for sharing. I love it anyway.

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terdonal Veteran Member • Posts: 6,733
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reds10 Contributing Member • Posts: 588
Re: Terrific!

amazing moon shot!

freealfas Senior Member • Posts: 1,539
Re: Moon tonight with E-3 & new scope

you win hands down...

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