My Favorite photos from 07

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My Favorite photos from 07

Hi all STFer's

So I have been lost the Dslr world of late and have only stopped by every once in a while to check on the forum and see the beautiful photos. So I may have missed the " Best of 2007" thread. (I actually accidently posted some Sony pics in the Fuji forums "Best of" thread. How embarassing)

Anyway I was just cleaning up some Harddrive space and trying to organize my photos better. (What a mess I have on my hands, that was the cause of the wrong posting in FTF mentioned above)

I found these and thought I would throw them up as my homage to my H2. Out of all the cameras I have it is the "purest fun camera" I have every used. I promise myself to put down the DSLR for a bit and pick up the sony, as soon as there is some spring color back in my world.


And now just some of my faves...

And some from my fave series 'Electro Macro Abstracto'

Sometimes it is just a quick snapshooter... FIRST FISH

There are so many more.... More of the three B's birds-bugs-blooms and some moons. And lots more snapshots of the kids that I will spare you from....
Well maybe not

It was / is the best 150 dollar fun camera ever IMHO... I love the colors / long zooms and macros.

ps... I may be posting more as I stumble on them. I have so many pics to delete.

Thanks to all who helped me when I got this little jewel. And to those who remember these from before... thanks for not complaining.


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But, I over exposed and blew the highlights

Kattslackey Senior Member • Posts: 2,998
Wonderful I have to remember to return tomorrow.

Later today? It's 3:00am now so off tho bed I go.

Thank you. Marion

OP Britney Elvis Veteran Member • Posts: 5,379
Let the crying begin

Don't you hate it when someone posts pics and then cries when no one comments on them... I know I do 8^) - And I know Justin does.

But what is up? I realize some of you may have seen some of these before, so maybe no comment was necessary... but to be completely ignored for two days on page 1 (Except for Marion's drive by comment - haha. Thank you Marion)

I thought maybe some of my old STF / H-cam pals would at least stop by and say howdy. Even though I have not been shooting with the sony as much lately, I still post comments on photos in the threads here. This used to be the most Photo Friendly site on DPR... And these should have got some comments.

Now, I myself have been guilty of sometimes not commenting if the pics are none too good. (mama use to say, "if you got nothin' nice to say, keep your trap shut"). But for heavans sake, these are not that bad. I posted them cause I was proud of what my little H2 could do.

And it is not like this forum is moving too fast anymore. These suckers were on the first page for two days.... and not one howdy or comment...
There is really no excuse for it.

It seems symptomatic of what is afflicting the forums lately. Dont ask me for an accurate diagnosis, I am not a doctor although I have seen them on TV.

This pathetic bump is over. No need to comment back... I am done feeling sorry for myself... Now I can crawl back to the DSLR forum, where I am ignored for good reason. hehe

But I am still cleaning up the files... So as a brilliant man once said: "I'll be back"

With tongue firmly planted in cheek and a big grin on my face
Peace and love to all


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Anything less... makes you less Happy"

BUMP BUMP BA DUM BUMP BUMP ( I love that song)

Arctic Fox Veteran Member • Posts: 5,422
Gus - a beautiful gallery of H2 photos...

I remember several of these jewels but appreciated seeing them again. From the first to the last - all beauties. I agree - the H2 is an awesome all-around camera.

So ya posted a Sony in the Fuji thread, eh? And I'm laughing with you - not at you. I can only imagine how that might have worked out.

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Please feel free to download and polish any photos that I post.

geetwee Veteran Member • Posts: 3,702
The artist formerly known as igilligantoo and as ......

Hi Gus,

If you change your dpreview user name faster then Madonna changes her outfits when she is on stage.....

These were beauties in 2007 and they still are beauties in 2008. Thanks for the compilation.

Have fun,

OP Britney Elvis Veteran Member • Posts: 5,379
Foxy and Jo

Oh I knew I could guilt you two into commenting. 8^)

Sky, I have been occasionally checking in lately... How is the R1 coming and how is the hubby doing with the Nikon? ps the boring photo thread is a hit!

And Hey Jo,

You are so right about the name changes.. first Igilligan, then when I locked myself out of DPR, I had to switch it to Igilligantoo. And now I did a variation on the same thing and lost my password again. So Igillligantoo is history... I thought Igilliganthree would just be silly. So is chose the much more serious photographer name Britney Elvis. Who knows more about photos than those two?.. haha

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'It came to me in a vision... a vision brighter than the sun itself'
But, I over exposed and blew the highlights

Kattslackey Senior Member • Posts: 2,998
Glad you came back on. I forgot to return.

I would like to post #s 2, 3, 5, 10, 12 in the Galleries.

Larger though. If you haven't discarded them and can find to scale down less.

Send to

Include name for credit (any one ot them will due) and any details you would like included.

In case you can't I have down loaded these and can post at this size. Would like permission and more info.
Thank you for looking
Marion Warling
Feel free to abuse, copy and mess with and repost anytime

jrdu Forum Pro • Posts: 21,371
It was Brittany Elvis that diverted me away

but now that I know that you are Igilligantoo, I'm really not going to comment.

Nah, just joking. These are a great set and quite an amazing crop for one year with your cam.

When Mesh's best of the year thread went by, I honestly couldn't find one photo from 2007 that I felt was good enough to post. (Partly because my hard drives are sitting in my wardrobe waiting for me to get a new computer, and partly because I gave my H5 to my son in 2006, and it took me a long while to get used to my R1 again.)

There are some unforgettable shots here, especially the watercolour of the kids on the other side of the field. Thanks for reminding us. I'm looking forward to seeing more when you dig them out.
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abart Forum Member • Posts: 92
Re: My Favorite photos from 07

wonderful shots , i specially like the BUG's macro shot

Pablo Leiva
Pablo Leiva Regular Member • Posts: 410
Re: My Favorite photos from 07

Very pretty series, I Like specially the yellow flower, the fourth shot seems one Vincent van Gogh's pictue very nice

OcalaFlGuy Junior Member • Posts: 26
Question for Britney of anyone else who knows

How did you get the watercolor effect in image #4?

Thank you very much, beautiful shots.


Arctic Fox Veteran Member • Posts: 5,422
Re: Foxy and Jo

Gus - the romance with my R1 continues but this Fuji S100FS sure looks interesting. And yes, hubby is enjoying the D80.

We're hoping to take a few spring trips to see the wildflowers. And spring is just around the corner!!

Please feel free to download and polish any photos that I post.

OP Britney Elvis Veteran Member • Posts: 5,379
I know how he did it...

Actually I was shooting with the H2+1758 tele at full zoom 720mm. Those folks were about a 1/4 mile away and it was 105 degrees.... So the effect is natural Heatwaves.... I almost deleted it because it just looked blurry on the lcd... but lucky enough, a plane was taking off nearby and I just turned and tried shoot the plane... I love that look of that pic. Maybe my favorite accident so far.

Thanks for asking..
the artist formally known as gus

'Get what makes you happy
Anything less.... makes you less happy'

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