post your best pet pictures

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Ron P Regular Member • Posts: 419
post your best pet pictures
shaktipalooza Senior Member • Posts: 1,652
I don't do animals...

Sorry, had to pay homage to Ace Ventura

Not my pet. Was testing my brand spanking new 70-200 2.8 IS L at the park when I took a pic of this guys dog. Gave him my site URL and got a very long thank you note in return.

not so flattering. would have been nice if he'd picked up his pets poop. especially so considering this is about 50ft from the a city water reservoir.

Ron P wrote:

Mollie and Gracie at play XTI 200 f2.8

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OP Ron P Regular Member • Posts: 419
Re: post your best pet pictures

Maybe you should start taking pics of animals, I really like them Ron P

submagination Senior Member • Posts: 1,078
Cat's Eye

Here's a close-up of my cat who was sitting on my girlfriend's lap at the time.

dhaney Regular Member • Posts: 492
My Three Cats


Here are my three best - one from each cat -



And Shadow

Hope you like them.

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OP Ron P Regular Member • Posts: 419
Re: My Three Cats

Nice cats really nice pics, here is Cookie Ron P

antisocial Regular Member • Posts: 150
Re: post your best pet pictures
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AFC8807 Regular Member • Posts: 328
My Pal

All done with 40D and 70-200 2.8L PP

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pixera Regular Member • Posts: 126
The cats

1) canon 70-200mm IS F2.8 on canon 5D

2) canon 70-200mm IS F2.8 on canon 5D

3) canon 70-200mm IS F2.8 on canon 5D

4) Panasonic Fz20

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netgarden Forum Pro • Posts: 10,770
My kitten

I rescued her, shes a sweetie

asleep above the keyboard right now, always goofing the keys up.
and of course a bird

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Linda's space~
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ed rader Veteran Member • Posts: 9,062
lucy on limantour beach......

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'One often has mixed feelings about relatives, but few people could identify serious problems in their relationships with dogs.'

-- Anonymous

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Trico Forum Member • Posts: 78

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James Axford Contributing Member • Posts: 658
Cat Bird

I hate to say it but we all have them, i mean pictures of them
all taken wiith the 50mm f/1.2

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dknarnd New Member • Posts: 5
My Dogs

Here is LuLU

Can I come out and too?

Your not leaving without me!

And here is Betsy

PJ3P Forum Member • Posts: 56
Mister Pretty Boy

BTW, I found Fotki through the links page on DPReview

KiboOst Senior Member • Posts: 1,187
fun cat

I very rarely shot pets, but here is one from a few years ago.

No more fun has he let us a few months later :/


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Robphoto Regular Member • Posts: 474
I just struck OIL!!!

MDeep Regular Member • Posts: 122
Re: post your best pet pictures

My cat:

A friend's puppy:

kathleen clayton Regular Member • Posts: 299
My boys..Casey and Capone

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