E3 Tiger Tiger and others

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Terry L Contributing Member • Posts: 886
E3 Tiger Tiger and others

A few zoo shots taken with the E3 and the Zuiko 150mm f2...

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Terry Lane

jfinite Veteran Member • Posts: 8,100
Mmmm, bokehy

I just made that up.

Nice shots.


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Rhino95 Regular Member • Posts: 229
Love those shots!

Awesome shots! Well done. I especially like the birds...especially the ostrich

PDXguy Veteran Member • Posts: 4,714
Great shots! But number 2 is my favorite...

That cat looks a little more than upset! Thanks for posting!

OP Terry L Contributing Member • Posts: 886
Re: Love those shots!

Not an ostrich - an emu. Now you've offended him! Which might explain why he is having such a bad hair day.
Terry Lane

roducko Regular Member • Posts: 487
Re: E3 Tiger Tiger and others
mistaleung New Member • Posts: 1
Re: E3 Tiger Tiger and others

Have you updated the firmware ?

CollBaxter Forum Pro • Posts: 12,724
Love 2 and 5. (n/t)
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Joesiv Veteran Member • Posts: 5,497
Re: E3 Tiger Tiger and others

Very nice, the first two looked a bit pedestrian to me, but most of the rest were supurb. I like your framing you chose on them. It's neat how a prime will make you really think of composition because you don't have the zoom to distract you. Good job!
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B_Algood Forum Pro • Posts: 12,466
Re: E3 Tiger Tiger and others

Very nicely done Terry, especially #'s 2, 3, 4, & 5..excellent separation of subject and BG, and the focus is spot on..boy! I'd love to have that lens, maybe next year..keep up the great work..Bill ~

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RoelHendrickx Forum Pro • Posts: 27,974
Very nice portraits...

... but I think some of them could be improved even more with some mild cropping.

1. Tiger drinking : too bad his reflected head isn't completely in the frame, but composition may be improved by making that "defect" into an advantage : crop closer through the reflected head and lose some of the top (right above the "elbow"). Also putting the tiger more off-center (more to the left, leaving space to the right) looks like a good idea.

2. Tiger walkiing : this would look good with a vertical crop, I think. The green leave on the right is interesting, but there is less to see on the left. Take away from the left and you get balance between tiger and green detail.

3-4. Bird shots : look good to me : their eyes are in the middle and the body off-center.

5. Emu : in this case, the full center position with space on both sides works well, as it puts emphasis on the fuzziness of the head.

6.Urang Utan : nice intimate portrait, but would have been even better if we could have seen one of his/her eyes; also the whiteness of the background is a little distracting : a softer counterpoint colour (some light green) would be nice.

I hope you don't mind these nit-picky comments. You can always just disregard them.


Brian Mosley Forum Pro • Posts: 20,740
Oh No!

I must have that lens!!!!!!

These are awesome, the first is by far my favourite - but they're all brilliant.

Thanks for sharing

Kind Regards

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Folkrock Regular Member • Posts: 235

that's a nice lens.
Your pictures are superb anyway.

been waiting to see some photos that 'convinced' me about the E3. These are them I guess.

I know they're only small, but still these seem some of the most 'natural' looking pics I've seen on DPR for a while...

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  • good day to you -

Joe Melillo Veteran Member • Posts: 3,211
Fabulous shots (nt)
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Joe Melillo
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TrapperJohn Forum Pro • Posts: 16,488
Tiger, tiger, burning bright

What has caused you to ignite? (apologies, Mr. Blake, I couldn't resist)

Love that 150 - it defines sharpness. That's the frustrating part about the pro ZD's - they're expensive, but worth it.

Now, if my financial statement would just love them, too...

bajwas Senior Member • Posts: 1,279
Excellent shots(nt)


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Robert999 Contributing Member • Posts: 823
BM this thread...

next time a Canikon fanboi says the 4/3ds system has poor bokeh, or that the E-3 isn't a pro camera (need high res versions though!), well just point him here...

Stunning shots, agree that #2 would make a great vertical crop. What is impressive about #2 is the subtle gradation in bokeh as you go up the frame...what a lens, very well used. Hope you had fun doing it!

terdonal Veteran Member • Posts: 6,733
Re: E3 Tiger Tiger and others

Nice work Terry
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HarjTT Senior Member • Posts: 1,048
Re: E3 Tiger Tiger and others

No 2 is just a wonderful shot . Picture perfect.



eaa Senior Member • Posts: 1,944

Very clean and authentic for beeing shot in such a controlled environment.
Nice bokeh on that precious ZD 150/f2.
My favourites are #2 and 5.
Especially the ostrich with the adorable haircut - made me laugh!
Keep up the good work!

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