Do Image Settings Matter When Shooting RAW?

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Re: Do Image Settings Matter When Shooting RAW?

I was wondering this too last night so did some tests. The
interesting thing is that there is apparently an embedded JPEG in the
RAW file, and this JPEG is affected by the settings, however, you
can't get at the jpeg. You can see it when LR first displays the
thumbnail: it'll look processed. Once LR gets around to creating an
actual preview image though, it will change to straight RAW.

There is a program called Preview Extractor that will extract the jpg from a NEF file. It works really well for my D200 files. I'm not sure if it works for D300 files. It's available at
Some of my best efforts

Kaustav S Saikia
Kaustav S Saikia Contributing Member • Posts: 672
the flip switch is already there

on the side MetaData Browser > File Type
or use the search box,
or label the JPG and the NEFs seperately
I do it all the time

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reduce the amount of PP

AWBoy wrote:

Hello everyone!

I see everyone here talking about using different image settings such
as standard, neutral, vivid, and the D2 modes. Now, as I understand
it, shooting in these modes doesn't mean anything if you're shooting
and editing RAW files. Am I right?

Mind you, I'm using Lightroom for everything, not CaptureNX.

So will the modes still affect the images I get or do they have no
effect? And if they don't, why is everyone here so concerned about
them? Why not just do the work later in LR or CS3?

to save time


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no it's not

Your solutions will work, yes.

Are they cumbersome "workarounds"? Yes.

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Re: Roman...sorry, off the subject question...

Actually in my signature, I have a gallery of recent work, Anything I do is in there. Havent been shooting much though...been rather busy with family over the holidays.

Never pulled the trigger on the hassy. Dont have the bank account for somthing like that.....yet.

'Miles to go before I sleep.'
--Robert Frost

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