Changing White Balance in JPGs

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jgphoto Regular Member • Posts: 460
Changing White Balance in JPGs

I shot a few JPGS the other day and opened them in Lightroom. I immediately noticed that you can change temperature just like in RAW.

I will continue to shoot RAW, but just thought this is an interesting addition. I know that previously using ACR 3 and below, I could not change white balance in JPGS.

digital-freak Senior Member • Posts: 2,815
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

You can use NIK Color Efex Pro 3.0 they have a demo to try and see how you like it.

You can also try tweaking the hue settings.

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Mario Giannini Senior Member • Posts: 2,866
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

I think that changing the White Balance isn't a big deal to the jpgs, but the catch is the color detail that the camera may have discarded when saving to jpg.

You may notice slight changes to be no problem, but then there will be other images that are simply unrecoverable if shot as JPG, but would have worked if shot as raw.

I shot jpg for some time until I had a picture of my daughter and myself where the WB was off. I never got that picture to a point where it looked natural, and it was something of a special picture. Having shot raw since then, I've never had that particular problem.

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OP jgphoto Regular Member • Posts: 460
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

I switched to RAW for the very same reason 3 years ago. The only reason I shot JPG the other day was to see how many frames I could get with my D300 grip. Than I ran them through LR and noticed I could change WB. I just posted this message to let others know. I was always under the impression that software couldn't change the WB on JPGS, but now you can using LR.

I've also got to 4 year old pictures from my old 5700 that I will fix!

Kevin F Pyle Senior Member • Posts: 1,581
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

Its also easily done with photofilters adjusment layer in Photoshop, Warm or Cooling filters. Works quite well.
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olstrup Veteran Member • Posts: 4,127
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

Bibble can change WB in JPEGs too by means of a slider (and maybe many other RAW conerters also can?). In Photoshop I use a free plugin called "Magic Enhancer Lite" that works the same way.

Matt in FL Veteran Member • Posts: 5,305
lightzone will also change temp and hue of jpegs (nt)
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Andy_F Contributing Member • Posts: 604
Re: lightzone will also change temp and hue of jpegs (nt)

You can also, try custom manual white balance. Have been using it since my D200 purchase 6-months ago, which made it convenient to use. I shoot raw and rarely have to touch the WB in post now.
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Tonik Contributing Member • Posts: 558
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

jgphoto wrote:

I know that previously using ACR 3 and below, I could not
change white balance in JPGS.

ACR 4.x will do this with jpg's. All of the sliders and adjustments work on the jpg's. The only downside is the loss of info each time you save it due to the compression.

Julia Borg Veteran Member • Posts: 7,280
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

even if the shot is well within the limits of what jpg can handle you can't really change white balance in jpegs the same way you can do that in raw. try a shot in raw+jpg, change the white balance in nef and same change in jpg. you will see what I mean.

the reason why the difference is quite simple. changes to white balance should be applied to linear data. LR has no idea of the tonal curve applied in the camera (they do not reverse-engineer Nikon curves at all, and even less so if the curve is one of the custom curves) and thus can't re-linearize the image correctly. and that is omitting noise factors and other issues that happen while converting image data back to linear and then re-applying tonal curve.

applying "color compensating filter" in Photoshop can help getting more pleasing and controllable results then "changing white balance". and you can convert the image to linear gamma yourself if you want.

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DezM Forum Pro • Posts: 35,635
Color balance

You can also manually adjust using Color Balance in PhotoShop.

Go to IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > COLOR BALANCE and adjust the sliders to your liking.

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KEITH-C Forum Pro • Posts: 14,131
For those without deep pockets....

... or expensive programs try this free program written years ago by a Nikon user callled Vtie.

Click the WB pointer on a suitable grey/white area within the image & fine tune by moving the small circle in the colour field.

THis is pasted from a previous message:-

PHOTOCONTROL which has a large preview screen for easy checking of any adjustments - here is the website - scroll down the page for the fast download.

PS -untick the box for profiles before you load a file.


Hamish McC Senior Member • Posts: 1,141
You can do it in NX too

Adjust -> color -> saturation/warmth

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rparge Forum Member • Posts: 52
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

There is a segment on the video that came with CS3, done by Katrin Eismann, titled "Non Destructive editing with Camera Raw."

IOW you can undo any change you make in ACR to JPGs as well

Try it. Make some change to the JPG file, WB, Fill Light, etc.
As a test, make them insane, really mess it up. Click DONE, not SAVE.

Then note that there is a little circle on the thumb. (This is in bridge, probably the same in LR) This denotes that changes have been made with ACR.

Now view this same JPG in another non Adobe viewer - Windows viewer, Picasa, whatever. Note that the image is untouched.

Now back to ACR, right click - Develop Settings - clear settings.

All your changes are un-done.

OverLordMephisto Regular Member • Posts: 101
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

Try that (work for me very well).

Go to Adobe Photoshop in Edit - Preference - File handling and click on the File Compatibility at the Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG Files. Give a OK and close the Photoshop. Now, every .jpg files open in Photoshop it will open throwgh the Adobe Camera Raw converter. There you can adjust the White Balance with Kelvin scale ori with the Tint option... Give a feedback if you can't manage this and i will give-yiu some print-screens to do that....

OverLordMephisto Regular Member • Posts: 101
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

Very Important:

First go to Image - Adjustment - Match Color - and Neutralize. This is very important for avoid the color cast in change the white balance setings. And if you use a flash, it is very important to use the gel filter on flash for incandescent and fluorescent light.

Pai_07 Regular Member • Posts: 152
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

easiest way i guess is..

File--> Open As---> Camera Raw.

OP jgphoto Regular Member • Posts: 460
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

Thanks! I very rarely shoot JPG, but if I do, I'm sure I'll find this info handy. Thanks everyone!

Murray Bowles
Murray Bowles Senior Member • Posts: 2,155
Re: Changing White Balance in JPGs

changes to white balance should be applied to linear data.

Why? For a given luminance, you're multiplying R G and B by the same set of numbers. It's certainly true that if the tone curve plus the compression have lost a lot of information in some channel, the attempt to modify it will be unsatisfactory. But the problem comes more from the loss of data than from the fact that the tone curve has been applied.

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