Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!

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Juza_EA Senior Member • Posts: 1,286
Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon 1.4x TC, Canon 2.0x TC, 1/640 f/16, iso 800, handheld. Torrile, Italy.

Today I have spent the first day in the field with my new 1Ds Mark III....I love it :biggrin:

The heron was at about 150-200 meters from me, and this photo has been taken with the 600 f/4 + stacked teleconverters, handheld at 1/640!

I was amazed to see that the 1Ds3 maintained autofocus with this combo (and it was fast enough for birds in flight), and I was even more amazed to get a sharp photo with 600 + stacked TCs!

100% crop:


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Nature photographer

beautifulimpressions Contributing Member • Posts: 963

very beautiful shot

glad you're enjoying your new camera

Necip Senior Member • Posts: 1,004
Re: Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!

What a beauty! nice light and exposure.

Links to a history of my weekly nature photo's mostly taken with a 5D and 300mm f2.8LIS on the Nature site. Photo site limits are max 800 pixel length and 200k. I keep my other photos off the net.


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Kevine310 Regular Member • Posts: 302
Re: Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!

Wow, good sharpness considering you're stacking teleconverters.

Also loved your pictures from the Dolomites. Really need to go there soon!! Are you able to hike in the area pretty easily or did you have guides?

NeilJones Veteran Member • Posts: 5,455
Stunning! (nt)
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Peter Siejka Forum Member • Posts: 89
Re: Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!

I'm blown away by this shot... hats off to you, man...
I envy you the skill to take such shots...

Best regards


Eric Sorensen
Eric Sorensen Veteran Member • Posts: 4,641
Super sharp - especially for the shutter speed...

and considering you will almost always "downsize" that huge computer image when printing it, it will just get even sharper to the eye.

Can the camera really auto focus at F11 with those TC's? Or did you tape the pins?

Bossier City, Louisiana

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guitarist Senior Member • Posts: 2,725
Re: Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!

so nice... so beautiful

you pulled out all the 'lace detail'......on her wedding dress...
with the detail and dynamic range...

the lighting was perfect..

I guess I should have said amazing.. about everything



Paavo Senior Member • Posts: 1,369

Great job, especially considering stacked tcs and handheld!!
~ Kevin ~

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Perry Cho Regular Member • Posts: 403
Re: superman lol

Great result Superman. You must be one hell of a strong man. I have the 1dsmkIII and 600mm and I have trouble handholding this lens. I can handhold my 500mm but definitely not the 600. Thats said I am a small guy.


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Gary S Veteran Member • Posts: 6,230
Re: superman lol

This guy was hand holding his for much of the day. But he did set it down to pick up another lens at various times.

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D3 pusher Regular Member • Posts: 250
Re: superman lol

wonderful shot! I love seeing pictures like this. It just goes to show I have long ways to go!

T B Gray Senior Member • Posts: 1,719
double wow!! f16 and AF!!! nt.

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thomas2279 Forum Pro • Posts: 10,876
Re: Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!


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DavidSvensson Senior Member • Posts: 1,374
Beautiful picture and exquisite technique!

You did a super job handholding and panning that shot! Congrats!

Did you use single point AF with the central AF point? If so where did you point the AF point?

(The root of the wing away from the camera looks to be right in the focused plane.)


J A K Forum Pro • Posts: 15,833
A perfect shot, absolutely perfect!

Also, congratulations on the new tool.


Joe Kurkjian, Pbase Supporter


wilkman Senior Member • Posts: 1,872

very nice, thx, mark

emyr evans Contributing Member • Posts: 635
Re: Heron - Canon 1DsIII + 1700mm!

Wonderfull shot.

BTW, the bird is a Great White Egret

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'You must have a really good camera'!!

Edward In Toronto Veteran Member • Posts: 4,217
Excellent, well done (nt)
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salosd Senior Member • Posts: 1,405
Excellent shot, who said FF not good for birds? (n/t)
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