Lucis Look with Lightroom - Makes it worth buying

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FredJamesPhotography Veteran Member • Posts: 3,972
Lucis Look with Lightroom - Makes it worth buying

Hello All,

I downloaded the trail of Lighthroom today and the first thing I had to try was giving some pic's that Lucas Look.

It was quite easy and I am finding out that certain shots look much better than others. This helps for when I'm shooting as far as how I can light some to get better ressults when using this look. I posted several different looks on one page to make it easier for comparing/viewing

This made me really think about buying Lightroom instaed of Lucis. Anyone Have any imput on this or am I missing something.

For a first attempt at this I was pleased but know it can only get better with practice.

Thanks for looking, Fred James













isaac4130 Regular Member • Posts: 321
Nice work!

Great! The baseball ones are my pick - they look really nice!

I'm assuming you used a combination of fill light, contrast, and saturation? Or something along those lines?

Anyway, nice stuff - Lightroom is a fantastic program, and in my opinion well worth buying. I probably use it about 90% of the time now, it's virtually replaced Photoshop in my workflow

dongrinde Regular Member • Posts: 130
Re: Nice work!

What settings are you using to achieve this look?

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OP FredJamesPhotography Veteran Member • Posts: 3,972
It's very simple to do

In lightroom you bring up a picture then apply the following easy steps:

1-slide exposure to 100
2-sliderecovery to 100
3-slide fill light to 100
4-slide contrast to 100
5-slide clarity to 100
6-sldie vibrance to 100
7- slide saturation the other way towrads 15,20,30, your likings

8-then go back and play with adding some blacks and adjust exposure

the vibrance and your saturation are the big ticket items for getting just right.
I found Vidrance on some shots works better around 80

This works likre this with lightroom in the develope screen (just click on top where it says develope) and if you don't have it download it for a 30 day trail.

Very simple and tricks like this can be found on the Lightroom site. Very usefull place.
Thanks for looking, Fred

Cerumen Senior Member • Posts: 1,908
Very Nice

These are very nice, especially 7 and 11.

I've played around with this technique as well, although I have fewer samples. Here's a shot of my brother enjoying an iced coffee down at the docks on the Jersey shore:

Lightroom really is a bargain for what it is and what it's capable of.

Ron Hildebrand Senior Member • Posts: 1,067
Re: It's very simple to do

Thanks for posting this. I'm sticking with Photoshop, but based upon the similarity in what you posted to ACR's raw converter, I tried it there, spending about 5 minutes, and could see that at least to some extent, the look can be done in ACR as well. I personally like just a touch of this look, a beginning of an illustrative style, instead of the full-blown Lucis look, so this may be all I'll need.

Here's about 5 minutes of playing with ACR settings. Other than working on the Lucis look, no attempt was made to adjust color or exposure, so it's a straight conversion from the raw file as shot:

Ron Hildebrand

Sarajean Senior Member • Posts: 2,988
very creapy! great for Halloween! (nt)

nice pictures, thanks for posting!

OP FredJamesPhotography Veteran Member • Posts: 3,972
How bout this Sara

mottjr Contributing Member • Posts: 551
More Halloween Fun

Barney and Gomer came to town to keep the Trick-or-Treaters in line.

fredjamesphotographysidekick Regular Member • Posts: 120
excellent Mott !!

Very nice work. How do you do yours?
Lucis or ?
Do you know what the difference is with Lucis and the way I did it in Lightroom?

I love the effect and wanna learn as much as possible about how to take the pictures better to work in this style.

These were my very first atempts and I'm sure they can improve. Any advice ?

Thanks for the reply, Fred

OP FredJamesPhotography Veteran Member • Posts: 3,972
Hey Everyone! check this out #1 Google search for Lucis

I was informed that if you do a Google search and put Lucis look in the search bar, this page comeup as the #1 spot. Amazing how things work and that a DPreview thread can make it that quick.

I don't know how that all works but I have posted tons of threads here and did some playing and none of my others came up.
Pretty cool stuff DPreview. Anyone know how that could happen so quick


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Halloween Post Processed

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Clear View Farm Junior Member • Posts: 38
Is this possible in CS-2?

Have admired this style and often wondered how it was achieved. Is it possible to create this style in PS? Or is Lightroom the only software that can be used for this effect?
If possible in CS-2, is there a recipe that you wouldn't mine sharing?

Thanks in advance!

OP FredJamesPhotography Veteran Member • Posts: 3,972
Re: Is this possible in CS-2?

I also posted this thread in the retouching forum where it got a great response.
I believe that was mentioned. Check it out, lots of good replies there, Fred

montereyphoto Senior Member • Posts: 1,386
Re: Lucis Look with Lightroom - Makes it worth buying

It will not run on the Mac Pro except in Rosetta emulation mode which hardly makes it worth the $169. For the PC it is not a great deal but at least it runs at full power.

OP FredJamesPhotography Veteran Member • Posts: 3,972
What doesn't work ?

Hello, are you saying Lightrom does not work on your Mac or?

What cost you 169.00?

Sorry for not fully understanding your reply, Fred

MagicNikon Veteran Member • Posts: 5,445
Re: Lucis Look with Lightroom - Makes it worth buying

If you like what I can do with cards, wait til you see what I do with the limes.

pixelfixer Contributing Member • Posts: 714
Thanks Fred

Thanks for the post Fred, I gave it a try and it's a very good work flow to dabble with, you have a lot more visual control with it.

Next time could you inform me before I pay out silly money for a plug in 8-)

Philip Peter Regular Member • Posts: 138
Re: Lucis Look with Lightroom - Makes it worth buying

Very nice! Thank you very much!

I just took a few tries, just a few minutes on each puicture, it seems to work very well, even if the lighting is that good.

All of these were done with just on camera flash at iso 400 or higher.


Delos Contributing Member • Posts: 838
Re: Lucis Look with Lightroom - Makes it worth buying

Nice job. Now, add a little Neat Image or Noise Ninja for a really interesting softening effect.

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