A570 Low Battery/Canon selling Cameras that it knows are defective!!

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fedexguy Junior Member • Posts: 46
A570 Low Battery/Canon selling Cameras that it knows are defective!!

I found this on the Canon website under support. This is a brand new camera and the second one from the same store with this problem. Should I return it or send it in to Canon. It is 2 days old! Is Canon still selling cameras that it knows are defective?

After 20 shots with either alkalines or rechargeables the battery warning light is on.

Issue: Batteries do not last very long in camera.
Solution: The PowerShot A570 IS requires service.

Unfortunately, the issue you describe seems to indicate that your product requires repair service. Canon has excellent service options and we are eager to provide any assistance you may need. Links to the service options that are available for your product are listed below:

Request a Repair Online You can conveniently pre-arrange repair service with a Canon Factory Service Center through Canon's website.

bryan busovicki Senior Member • Posts: 1,194
need more data

You have know idea what % defective this issue is occurring on. If Canon gets 100 cameras back with the problem, do you think they are going to recall all of the cameras that have shipped into the marketplace?

And 2 from the same store probably means they were produced in the same lot or batch.

Frustrating indeed, but return to the store or Canon. Personally, I would return it to the store and buy from a different store.

OP fedexguy Junior Member • Posts: 46
Re: need more data

I agree with you on the batch theory. Yet if you do a search on google about A570 low battery warning you can see that the problem is quite wide spread.

puttin Veteran Member • Posts: 7,843
Re: A570 Low Battery/Canon selling Cameras that it knows are defective!!

I had a battery problem with my S5, it would not work with nimh' and would shut off after a few pics. I sent it in for repair twice befor they got it right. They never really said what was wrong with it " just brought back up to specs "

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lonerock Forum Member • Posts: 57

You could try downloading the hack CDHK. http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page One of the things you get is a battery level indicator which might be more useful to you. It shows percentage of charge remaining in the battery. Of course there many other benefits to using the hack. I have an A710 and S3 and have the hack on both.

I think most battery indicators that come with the cameras are not very accurate to begin with because they often only light up when the battery is just about dead or too long before the battery actually dies. Once you get use to a camera then you'll have a better idea. It's a good idea to always carry spares anyway.

I agree that maybe buying elsewhere or at least checking the serial numbers to make sure there a sufficient break might help.


OP fedexguy Junior Member • Posts: 46
Re: Try CDHK

Does anyone have an opinion if the problem is hardware based or software based. I see that there is a CDHK with an improved battery level indicator for the A570

Guerito Veteran Member • Posts: 4,874
Just a Guess

I've seen other cameras with this problem and (the ones I've seen), were always fixed with a firmware patch. If it is firmware, and not hardware, Canon might post a new version - or not with all of the firmware hacking going on
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OP fedexguy Junior Member • Posts: 46
will my 570 work with CDHK

My A570is is version Does any one know if there is a CDHK for this version. Thanks

lonerock Forum Member • Posts: 57
Re: will my 570 work with CDHK

You could go to this link:


where the 570 is listed and click on that to download the hack and see if it works for your camera.


joostburger New Member • Posts: 11
Re: will my 570 work with CDHK

Have you tried with a pair of fresh hi-quality NiMH rechargables fully charged? My wife had the same problem with her a460, but different battery's helped. Maybe some older/cheaper NiMH have a lower voltage?

MaryGierth Senior Member • Posts: 2,950
Re: A570 Low Battery/Canon selling Cameras that it knows are defective!!

I have the a570 and the battery indicator light would come on immediately after I put in newly recharged Sanyo Eneloop batteries. I saw several posts on this problem with the following solutions that have worked for me.

1. Ignore the indicator and just keep taking pictures. I did this and would get 200+ pics with frequent use of pic review and flash. However I later saw another post and now follow the procedure in #2.

2. After you put the batteries in the camera you push them down a few times before closing the battery door. This has worked for me. The indicator light no longer comes on right after putting in new batteries.

The problem at least with my camera is either the contacts or the battery door but regardless its an easy fix and doesn't seem to affect the life of the batteries. I agree though this is a defect.

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