Do you think it's too heavy?

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Re: Do you think it's too heavy? / Yes

JDuBS2 wrote:

Re: Do you think it's too heavy?


weights are for the gym, not for taking pictures with!

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Re: Do you think it's too heavy?

I had the 28-70 2.8L and the 100-400 L when I used the Canon A2 with grip. Great lens but I found the weight to be an unpleasant burden unless I was just a few minutes from the car. Add a full size flash and then walk around a city or park all day...aching back, shoulders, etc....but then I am aging baby boomer. I now prefer much lighter gear for most travel. However, photography is a hobby not an income pleasure before pain. Just my .02 worth.


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Re: Do you think it's too heavy?

I see a market for a new product --- attach some weight to make f4 weigh as much as f2.8, no other function included.

How much you want to pay for that product?


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Re: Do you think it's too heavy?

I too like a heavy lens when I am shooting. But not so much when I have to carry it around.

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Re: Do you think it's too heavy?

I don't look for heavy, and there are limits, but I do like solid construction, and to me, the 70-200 f/2.8 IS is just too good a lens to be without. I can (and have) palmed mine around all day long on a 30D with a battery grip and handstrap, and never thought that it was heavy at all. I would never trade it for an f/4 version. But, that is why we are offered choices, isn't it?

If you prefer tourist style camera carry (a neckstrap), a stout lens might mess up your walking gait, hurt your neck, and beat your chest black and blue, but carried right, it is barely noticable.

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