Lastolite Hilite metering

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Lastolite Hilite metering

I have recently purchased the lastolite hilite background and train. The product allows me to place one light inside the box and use just one light at the front of my subjects.

I am having mixed results but I think this may be down to metering. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how I should meter say a single subject?

I have bought the vinyl train so it is important that I try to get both train and background as white as possible.

I have been setting the main light to F14 and hilite (metered to back of subject head) to F5.6
Any help would be much appreciated.

CarmenMiranda Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: Lastolite Hilite metering


You have a couple things going on at the same time.

First, you do not need to meter the Hi-Lite off your subject, as one might do for a hairlight or accent light. The goal is simply to create a pure white background with as little spill as possible. Although 5.6 shows that you are not getting much spill on your subject, it doesn't reveal the quality of your key. Without subject, I simply adjust the power on the background light (or lights) into the HiLite until I begin to see the highlight overexposure warning blink on my LCD. This will also reveal the spread of light coming off the Hi-Lite. Depending on how close my subject is to the Hi-Lite I will push the light until most of the surface of the Hi-Lite blinks overexposed. Using two lights (one from either side) makes it easier to get full coverage without a hot spot that could result in spill or halation, but the results I've gotten, even with one light, are fine, especially if the subject is not pushed right up against the background.

The train is a bit more problematic because unlike the background it is reflective and needs to be lit more like a typical white background. I am still working this out myself but if you are not using an enormous main, like an Octalite, it is going to be difficult to get an even transition using only 2 lights.

Good luck.

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