is gx100 lcd vunerable

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Jason Rainbird New Member • Posts: 3
is gx100 lcd vunerable

I am now the proud owner of a gx100, on opening the box I noticed that the lcd screen seems unprotected. My previous compact a Canon S80 looked similar and got a dent only a few weeks after purchase. I built a plastic cover to protect what was left of it.

Has anybody had any issues protecting the screen on the GX100? and if so do you know of any tips to keep it free from damage.

Rodge Regular Member • Posts: 433
Re: is gx100 lcd vunerable

Jason Rainbird wrote:

I am now the proud owner of a gx100, on opening the box I noticed
that the lcd screen seems unprotected.........

Congrats Jason. The camera is just pure joy to use.

I don't think the screen is more vulnerable than other similar products. But it pays to handle it with care of course.

I (maybe most owners of digicams?) have always put protective screen protectors on the LCD screens. I bought a pack of them way back, originally meant for PDAs. I just cut it to the right size and then attach it to the screen. It's cheap and it works.

Enjoy your GX100

Kalerne New Member • Posts: 9
Re: is gx100 lcd vunerable

Hello !

Just a small warning : when i got my GX100, one month ago, I immediately put one of these transparent adhesive films for protecting the screen. It was a old one (I can't tell how old it was, because a friend gave it to me), and after one afternoon in the heat of Taiwan, the whole film was distorted, with bubbles, the glue was melted. When I removed this stuff, all the glue was still on the screen. A pure nightmare. I spend more than one hour to remove it using alcohool. Fortunately the screen was safe, now it's clean, i bought some new protection and still have immense pleasure to use my beloved camera in Taiwan...

So take care...


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viztyger Veteran Member • Posts: 3,278
Re: No Screen Protector

For what it's worth, I removed the screen protector a week after putting it on.

The GX100 has an indented screen (unlike my previous LX2). Adding a screen protector creates a small gap between it and the metal edge that frames the LCD. Dust which falls into the tiny gap then sticks to the adhesive edges of the screen protector - and is impossible to remove.

I have also not found a screen protector that is as clear as the LCD without anything covering it. I'm pretty careful, and haven't scratched the screen yet. In the end seeing a clear preview image was more important than any concerns I had about damaging the LCD.



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