How many people need/use live view?

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deshawn Senior Member • Posts: 1,372
How many people need/use live view?

live view is a nice feature to have, but i rarely ever use it, becuase
i have to manually focus the sujbect, and then there's a delay when
the picture is taken.
So i wanted to know just how many people care, use, or need live view
since oly talks about this so much?

osloray Veteran Member • Posts: 4,838
Re: How many people need/use live view?

I have it, don't need it, don't use it.

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W A Stewart Senior Member • Posts: 1,025
Re: How many people need/use live view?

You don't need it for the purposes of Raymond's work or my own landscapes. Where it's really handy is working with people, especially but not only children, so as not to have a camera sticking out of one's face. That is, one can interact normally. Those of us who've used (and sometimes still use) medium format cameras are familiar with this advantage. This is the true analogy, not the point and shoot analogy used to denigrate live view. Of course there are other uses such as macro, underwater, and very low or high points of view.
W Alex Stewart

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Lenzflair Senior Member • Posts: 1,477
Re: How many people need/use live view?

I guess it depends on which cam. On the E330 I use mode A for difficult angles and mode B for macros.

I can only assume you have one of the newer cams. I can't imagine using mode B (like what you have) on anything in motion....

Mode A on the E330 is just like a point and shoot camera....only the E330 has mode A.

Ben Herrmann
Ben Herrmann Forum Pro • Posts: 20,997
Depends on the camera...

With the E330 and the articulating LCD - hell yes, most of the time (indoors). With the E410 and E510, I've not used it yet. Somehow having a regular, fixed LCD doesn't do it for me and liveview.
Good shooting...


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RoelHendrickx Forum Pro • Posts: 26,799
Re: How many people need/use live view?

I agree completely with Lenzflair.

The E-330 combines a usefull LV with articulate LCD, and that is an optimal combination for many circumstances.

When I originally bought the E-330, the LV appealed to me because I wear glasses and thought it would make the transition from Point&Shoot to DSLR easier. I mean : I thought I would use LV as in a Point&Shoot, for basic viewfinding and composition.

Soon afterwards, I realized that I used the normal viewfinder always for normal work, but that the LV came in handy in certain circumstances.

This has been discussed at length in a previous topic about LV for street photography.
It is also useful for awkward angles and macro.
I'm a fan and appreciate my tool more and more...

knoblock Senior Member • Posts: 2,531
Re: How many people need/use live view?

When using manual focus legacy lenses live view with 10x magnification gives more accurate focus than by eye. I've done a test and the focus is visibly more accurate. This is also useful for macro photography, since many prefer manual focus. The magnification can also be helpful confirming autofocus, but I have not used it much for this.

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RoelHendrickx Forum Pro • Posts: 26,799
Re: Depends on the camera...

The E-3's LV screen will also be articulate.
One more innovation straight from the E-330 to the pro model.

Hopefully, it will combine the best ideas and implementations of all current models E1, E510, E330, ...

If so, I may just be forced to buy one (not immediately though, that's for sure, but when the MP-race has caught up with it - like it is already doing prior to its release according to some).

knoblock Senior Member • Posts: 2,531
Articulating LV

I find the non-articulating live view to be limiting. Today I wanted to get my shadow out of the frame, so I tried holding the camera above on an angle, but the sun was too strong and I could not really see anything on LV. If it articulated, I think I could adjust the screen to vertical and still see a decent picture. A hood would help.

It is a matter of money, quality and size for me. The 510 has features I want such as IS and 10MP over the previous LV models and the E-3 will be too expensive and bulky. I did not buy the camera to get LV alone, but it was an additional feature, since it is useful at times. The live histogram is a useful tool.

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Jonas B Forum Pro • Posts: 14,596
I do

I have an E-510.

While LV isn't to any use for my normal way of shooting it is great for anything not moving, macros, exact placement of focus plane, some night shots and lens testing.

With an articulated screen it will be useful for the situations where I now have to lay down on the ground or hold the camera above my head and just shoot away on a chance. I guess divers can manke use of it, as will astro- and moonshooters.

I have owned the 510 for less than two months, I have never used LV before. And, in despite of this short time of ownership I already know I won't buy a dSLR without LV again.

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kuaimen Regular Member • Posts: 306
Re: Articulating LV

How dare you say this? You mean people would spend $4xxx USD (well, it's still lots of money, even though not as much as a few days ago) on a camera with something limiting? Come on, it's a Canon thing now, and it must be an brilliant idea and hence a must have for any capable DSLR!


knoblock wrote:

I find the non-articulating live view to be limiting.

John S.
John S. Senior Member • Posts: 1,823
Re: How many people need/use live view?

I have been shooting 2 to 3 articles for a local magazine for about six months now (E-510) and my shoots can be very frantic getting all of the photos I need within 1 to 2 hours time. I rarely use LV for the majority of shots but in cases when I do need it for odd angles and high/low shots it has been invaluable. LV for me is simply a composition and framing aid that when facing difficult situations can come in handy without blindly shooting. If I need AF, I just adjust my focus point and then wait for the delay, or I MF. Is it ideal on the E-510, NO! Has it gotten me out of some jams, YES!!!

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seanmx Regular Member • Posts: 304
I will for concert use

I can see myself find the swivel LCD on the E3 very useful when I want to get an eye to eye level shot of a band im taking photos of.

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Louis_Dobson Forum Pro • Posts: 27,514
95% of the time I don't need it.

The other 5% it is absolutely vital.

Amazingly useful when you can't get your eye to the lens or you need accurate focus, or you are working on a tripod or... whatever.

Funny thing is, it used to be marketed to point and shooters, and point and shooters, who just stand there, aim the camera, zoom and click, without worrying about angles, are one of the groups that DON'T benefit from having LV.

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Robert Kinsell Regular Member • Posts: 260
Re: How many people need/use live view?

When I got my 410, I figured LiveView was just a clever but unusable (for me) feature. Then, when I was shooting images of my paintings, with the camera on tripod, I turned on LiveView, and wow, it made a huge difference. Now, whenever I shoot in the studio, for almost all reasons, I set up the camera for manual focus, grid view on assist, and use LiveView. Much more comfortable than trying to compose and focus with the viewfinder, it's kind of like using a Lilliputian view camera. Of course, out wandering around and shooting in landscape, etc, I don't use it, but for some purposes it seems to me to be a major innovation to SLRs. Nikon and Canon must think so, too.

Robert Kinsell

BJL Veteran Member • Posts: 9,338
Hint: Canon and Nikon offer LV in all recent models

deshawn wrote:

So i wanted to know just how many people care, use, or need live view since oly talks about this so much?

Canon and Nikon offer live view in all recently announced DSLR models (and of course every compact digital camera has it) so it distorts the issue greatly to suggest that it is just Oly talking about it.

Maybe you should ask Canon and Nikon why they have adopted Live View in their recent DSLRs, meaning that it will probably soon be in about 90% of all DSLR's sold.

And never mind asking about 'need': I probably do not 'need' AF or AE either.

But 'have a use for', yes. Like for accurate manual focus checking with zoomed live view, which gives a far bigger and more detailed image than any optical viewfinder.

Viewing at 10x on a 2.5" LCD with 10x is like viewing a small part of the image on a 10MP, 25" screen.

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I want all my lenses to be f/4 or brighter.

Higher usable ISO from bigger pixels and sensors is useless if it forces me to use longer, slower telephoto lenses to get the same resolution.

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Art_P Veteran Member • Posts: 9,939
Don't have it, don't know what I'm missing

But it wou;d be nice to see what will be recorded before the fact rather than after. Have a couple lenses to save up for first, but figure I'll pick up a 330 one of these years (hopefully before they're all gone)
Where would I use it? legacy lenses, macro, pinhole, night photography...
Art P

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Gary Hebert Senior Member • Posts: 2,611
I need and would use it ...

BUT, only if it tilts and swivels... as it is supposed to on the E-1 replacement... That will make it a great feature for me which I will use quite often ...

The liveview on the E-510 which I have is hardly used...

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RoelHendrickx Forum Pro • Posts: 26,799
I second Louis.

At first glance LV looks like a point & shoot thing, but it most certainly isn"t when put to good use.
See above for my personal experience, being a "recent" convert to DSLR

Rich Z
Rich Z Forum Pro • Posts: 10,531
Re: How many people need/use live view?

I never had it before, never needed it. Now, I use it all the time. On the 330, you do have auto focus in A mode. I certainly hope the new E3 has the same feature.

This shot would not have happened without live view A. Rich

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