Too much retouched?

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alex.di Contributing Member • Posts: 568
Re: Too much retouched?

I think it's great, but to address those who say it's too dark, you might try adding a graduated midtone adjustment that leaves the immediate foreground dark, but brings up the middle third of the picture.

I don't have PS on this system to try that, but it seems like it might help.

Larry David Forum Member • Posts: 85
here's my try

nice picture that needs little help. it isn't stunning, but it isn't boring.

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Pam R Veteran Member • Posts: 3,421
Another idea...

There doesn't seem to be any focal point in this image. Maybe that's why it felt kind of blah to me. That and I don't think the color is helping. Maybe if you play up the relationship between the flower and the light breaking through the clouds it would help. Try to tell a story...


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andyroo770 Regular Member • Posts: 163
Re: Another idea...

Hi Pam, I like what you did, can you please explain how you created the sun rays in the upper right of the image??

sandy2037 Junior Member • Posts: 46
Re: Apply Gloss

Hi mdl50: May be elementary question but can you explain how do apply gloss to an image. I would like to learn. Thanks. Sandy

OP mdl50 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,211
Re: Take free plugin, I took ...

... the Red Paw Media (RPM) Beautifier filter to add gloss. Play with the switches, and fade afterwards. then (un)sharpen.

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OP mdl50 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,211
Re: thaks Pam, which technique ...

... did you use to get the sunrays in the edge?

BTW, nice Pbase site you have, your photo art folder is marvellous!

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jptenor Regular Member • Posts: 180
Re: Too much retouched?

For me the image is dramatic but a touch too heavy, particularly the foreground.

I had a go at it in Capture NX:

I selected the trees & everything nearer and applied a little D-Lighting to it, just brightening the absolute shadows.

I used the Double Threshold technique to identify the darkest & lightest areas and set Black & White control points on them. This set the total dynamic range.

I used colour control points to bring out each poppy flower and each cow parsley flower, to provide spots of interest.

Pam R Veteran Member • Posts: 3,421
Light rays workflow...

Here's how I did the light rays. You can do them in the image you're working on, but I created mine as a new image:

1 - open a new layer. Fill with 50% gray:

2 - Go to Filter> Noise> Add noise and use these settings:

3 - Go to Filters> Blur> Motion blur and use these settings (for larger sizes you will need to run the filter again by hitting Ctrl+F until you get clear lines). Ctrl+F applies the previously used filter again (very handy to keep in your list of shortcuts):

4 - Now to give some shape to the rays. Hit Ctrl+A or Select> All. Then Ctrl+T to enter Transform mode. Hover your cursor inside the bounding box and right-click to pull up the transform options. Choose "Perspective". Or, you can go to Edit> Transform> Perspective:

5 - grab a bottom corner handle and pull out. Grab a top corner handle and push towards the middle to get a shape similar to this:

6 - Copy the rays (Select> All, Edit> Copy merged). Paste into your image (Ctrl+V) and move it into position. Add a layer mask, invert the mask (Ctrl+I), then paint white to reveal the rays:

7 - Blur the rays to your taste using Gaussian blur. Experiment with blend modes. Screen, Soft Light, and Overlay are good starting points:

Have fun!

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'art is working on something 'til you like it...then leaving it that way'

BALLhead Forum Member • Posts: 94
Re: Light rays workflow...

This will come in handy. Thanks!

Wilkev Veteran Member • Posts: 3,711
Re: Light rays workflow...

Great instructions Pam, they've been saved for future reference/use. Thanks.

OP mdl50 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,211
Re: WOW Pam! I wouldn't have come to that ...

.. myself. Thanks a lot !

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tbnj Contributing Member • Posts: 805
Saving for later (nt)
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ratherbsouth Regular Member • Posts: 275
Re: Saving for later (nt)

Me too... cool effect

joe filer Senior Member • Posts: 2,934
Thanks Pam

Your tutorial was fun to work with. It gave me a couple of ideas that might elaborate on the effect. I tried these additions:
Increase the contrast of the motion blurred rays image.

Add a few additional white beams with a white brush, constraining to vertical by holding the shift key.

Blur the beams before pasting the image into the scene. Then the transformation will also increase or decrease the blur.
I added a mask with a radial gradient to fade the beams.
Finally painted in a few spots on the mask to correspond to holes in the clouds.

Could also paint on mask with a low opacity white brush to highlight beams falling on the flowers.

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