Weatherproofing Suggestions

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Weatherproofing Suggestions

I'm heading off to Alaska in a couple of weeks and expect to see some wet weather. I'm not yet prepared to invest in a product like the AquaTech "Sport Shield." Gear will be D80 and 12-24 f4, 18-55, and 70-200VR. I'm looking for any cost effective alternatives.

I recognize that I've got a lot invested in this equipment, so I'll spend what is necessary or shelve the hardware. Before I drop a couple hundred bucks, I'd like to hear what the clever folks here have tried. Thanks.


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Re: Weatherproofing Suggestions


I’m assuming that you will out in the wild or you would not have these concerns. Most good camera bags can keep your gear dry. For extreme conditions you need to be extra careful. I always place a packet of silicon drying agent in every compartment in my bag. This helps avoid the build up of moisture that can lead to mold growing. If you will be boating a surplus ammunition can is strong and water proof. They come in many sizes and are available from army navy stores as well as some outdoor centers that specialize in white water. Pad the inside o the can with soft foam such soap free kitchen sponges, rug padding or other material. Tie it into the boat as they float and can go down stream very fast. Carrying a few garbage bags in your pack can help if your gear is out and it starts to come down. This way you can cover it up till you find shelter.


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Re: Weatherproofing Suggestions

You can put these on, adjust your camera from outside the cover, and it's light and compact. That is, if you are talking about shooting in wet weather. It's white, but clear when against a solid object and is made of silnylon. $22

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