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They liked whole peanuts off the ground

richard bennett wrote:

Boo lovely shots from a lovely area. I particularly like the Jay and
I have been trying to capture a clear one for over a year. One landed
in my garden yesterday but I wasnt quick enough.

Thank you. There have been a family of Jays in this place we stop for many years and I've never got anything like a close enough shot before this summer. There were the three of them and we found that as long as I scattered some peanuts on the ground, they'd come for them regularly until they were all gone, then would complain loudly until I took some more out, so it might be worth trying - they left the sunflower hearts totally alone and only took from the ground - although the youngsters went on the table, Mum never did. They were quite cheeky in the end - although still very skittish - I had to be ready with the camera poised when they landed or I'd not get anything - the slightest movement or creak would send them off.

All three had the same highly amusing technique - they'd land on this single fencepost at a corner in the fencing - look back and forth surveying the peanuts, with their heads cocked right over, give out a loud cry, then in order to drop to the ground, would actually leap vertically in the air then drop, seemingly without using their wings. They'd eat what they wanted, then fly off to the woodland with two or three peanuts stuffed in their beaks and eat those on a favourite perch.

I've a lot more shots, but that was the only one actually finished yet. One dropped one of the bright blue striped feathers one day and I have it here, it's totally beautiful and a very intricate patterns of graduated stripes.

My best missed shots was a pair of stoats that ran into the road and caused us to slam the brakes on - the male carried on into the verge, but the female decided she was pretty damn affronted by us nearly hitting them and doubled back to have a go at us - she stood her ground in front of the car and used some very choice stoaty language! Most unhappy she was. I just couldn't get the lens over the dashboard, for laughing and lack of angle, to get a shot. then the male came to fetch her saying "leave it babe, they're not worth it" and she had one last cuss and was gone.

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Definitely ...

... one of my favorites in this thread - excellent job!

geni01 wrote:

Some here & some there, all taken with a 30D + 4000mm f5.6L


TTFN (TaTa For Now!)

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SOOPER awesome Greg!! (nt)
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Re: A little bit from the SF Bayarea

Beautiful pictures, you really made that lens sing.

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Thank you everyone :) *nt
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Re: I'm guessing
  1. 5 and #2 are very nice.

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Thanks for the humbling compliments, everyone. :) (n/t)
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Thank you all for your kind comments. Glad you liked it. I'lll have to see what I can do for next week's thread My last two contributions didn't get quite the same response Must be because you like cat pics lol


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That owl is amazing--I would LOVE to catch a photo of one, and this shot is fantastic!!!!

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Greg, these are awesome! /nt
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