*WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

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Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

Thanks for the bump, not seen these amazing shots before!

Alan Hache Regular Member • Posts: 310
Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

Truely fantastic shots !!!!! Pure talent !!!!! You can be very proud of those shots as they are of a pro level.

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Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

Tech1961 is in a class of his own - if you like wildlife shots, then look through his previous posts. Millions of them.

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chosen1 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,028
snapshot Thanks

thank you for bringing this back into the forum from a year ago. this was before my time and i would've never seen this magnificent series. talk about timing and being lucky.

the the op great job. the photo quality is excellent despite the wonderful capture of the subjects !

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Mr Graceful Senior Member • Posts: 1,123
Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted


That's an amazing series.

hats off to you, sir.

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Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted
jrcartasgmailcom Regular Member • Posts: 255
Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted
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I was hunting pictures taken with the 70-300mm vr and this is too much to believe. These are terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrific to say the least.

n0bby Forum Member • Posts: 95
Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

They really are a stunning set of images. Bravo sir!

My 70-300 VR arrived yesterday and so far all I have is a set of soft, slightly blurred photos of Blue Tits on a bird feeder, taken in dull flat light while I huddled under my coat in a biting wind... These stunning images at least give me hope for the capabilities of my new lens, although I have rather less hope for the capabilities of person wielding it...

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Kall was one of the great here

This series was posted the week I got my D80 back in 2007. Kall always amazed me with the incredible BIF images he's able to get, if I'm not wrong with a D40.

It's good for the people beginning with dslrs to see how great shooting technique is more relevant than specific gear, not even with a D3 I'd be able to do this.
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Good shooting and good luck
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Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

It is good to see some old shots some times.

Sharp pics. Great set.

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rufusm Veteran Member • Posts: 3,046
Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

I remember commenting on this original posting, Tech1961 you do work!
Below is still one of my favorite shots from your nature postings.

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ak71 Forum Member • Posts: 60
Great picturres, not of faint hearted though

Puts 70-300 on my wish list.
What kind of shutter speed you would need to freeze action like this?
Does it require higher ISO values with this lense?

Berserker600 Junior Member • Posts: 48
Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

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zamboo Regular Member • Posts: 135
Wow!!! Congratulations!!!

Never seen a set like that.

radddad Veteran Member • Posts: 3,123
Talk about a link from the past !

Dang , I remember this shot .
I was amazed on this capture from a D40 and 70-300 .
This series is worthy of haveing another look !!!
Jimmy , do you think these would have been better with the D300-300/2.8 combo ??

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Mikkel Hviid Carlsen Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

Simply fantastic pictures!!!

There are pictures that makes you think about the technical side to picture-taking.

And then theres pictures that makes you forget about tech. stuff and hold your breath while following the storytelling of the picture or pictures. Needles to say, but these photos are just that....

Btw. Im a Sony Alpha user considering changing to Nikon system. You just gave me one more reason to do just that...

Fantastic fantastic fantastic....

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