Hp lens error! please help

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bronge New Member • Posts: 1
Hp lens error! please help

ok i dropped my camera which is a hp photosmart

and an error pops up on it everytime i try to turn it on
lens error m525-12 (7f80)
then a m525-22

pops up shortly after

what do i do!
please please help.

Jim Cockfield Forum Pro • Posts: 16,342
Re: Hp lens error! please help

Most of the time when you see those types of errors after dropping a camera, it means that something in the lens mechanism was displaced (usually a small nylon gear has moved and is jamming the mechanism), and would require dissassembly of the mechanism to fix.

I have seen users report banging a camera fix those types of things, freeing up a jammed gear (but, you'd risk damaging it if you tried that).

Sometimes users have figured out a way to fix these types of problems themselves. But, I dont' know where you'd find any instructions. So, it would probably be a trial and error type of thing if you wanted to give it a go, and you'd risk damaging it even more if you're not careful.

I'd get another camera (chances are, it would cost more to repair it than it's worth).

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