Panasonic new cameras in July

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Panasonic new cameras in July

It seems more than rumors.
Please go here:

I hope there is good news.

PS: Since it is in Spanish, I will say it briefly. In July, on a country still unknown, Panasonic will announce new cameras. They also say that there is the possibility that the event may also take place in the US where Pan will announce a new entry level SLR.
Best regards, Joao

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Re: Panasonic new cameras in July

So, anybody guessing New York City as a possible announcement place?

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Re: Panasonic new cameras in July

This is the English version taken from

"The news of Panasonic for July enliven the expectation on a possible one SLR the middle of July is the date chosen by Panasonic to show in a European locality its new arsenal of digital cameras. Although the acts of this kind are not any news, the informations arisen on a presentation counterpart in the United States already are agitating the rumors on the arrival of a reflex of low range. Editing.- July 17 in New York. I have here the date and the place in which, according to informations provinentes of the other side of the Atlantic one, they will see the light new cameras and of video of Panasonic. Some very similar data to the ones that already knew QUESABESDE.COM, that will attend the middle of the next month from July to an event organized by the Japanese company in a European city. Although from this point only can enter the land of the speculations, the certain thing is that are not few the rumors that speak of a new digital reflex with the seal Lumix as main course for the summer news of Panasonic."

"In fact, are exactly the intrigues around this announcement what adds greater interest to a presentation that Panasonic celebrates each year by these dates and that at all leaves itself the most foreseeable calendar."

"Four Thirds"

"With the Lumix DMC-L1 as only banner in the shop window reflex, are many the ones that lucubrate with the possibility that Panasonic introduce a second body of interchangeable viewpoints. Nevertheless, in this case would be able to try a model of smaller range to the L1, with the one that the company would plant face to the SLR more accessible of the market."

"To be confirmed these rumors, few doubts fits to have on the mount Four Thirds that would incorporate the potential small sister of the L1. The previsualización in screen, the system of cleaning of the sensor or the Mega stabilization OR. I. S. in the viewpoint are specifications that can also be given almost by insurances."

My take is that Panasonic will be introducing their 2007 DSC (digital still camera) line for the European market on July 17 in some undisclosed location. There appears to be the possibility of a parallel anouncement in the US.

We wait with baited breath.


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Further speculation...

If I were to further speculate, I would put the European location as Frankfurt, Germany. If not Frankfurt, someplace near enough to Hockenheim, Germany to provide easy access by press to the Gran Prix circuit for the German Gran Prix race on July 22.

Panasonic sponsors a car with Toyota that will be there. They have been making a major push to correlate Lumix with racing; in the US they use IRL (Indy Racing League) and Formula One throughout the rest of the world.

This fuels (no pun) the idea of Cleaveland, Ohio for the US location. Why, you ask? Because there is an IRL race, the Honda 200, at the Mid-Ohio race course the same date as the German Gran Prix. A further connection is that Panasonic's "IRL Experience" trailer is scheduled for Cleveland on July 21. This trailer displays Panasonic products in conjunction with a dummy IRL car and a race simulator.

Just a thought...

ALL speculation welcomed.


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