Huanglong, the Yellow Dragon captured by LX1 & FZ50

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Huanglong, the Yellow Dragon captured by LX1 & FZ50

These are some of the photos I took in Huanglong, Sichuan Province of China.

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Re: Huanglong, the Yellow Dragon captured by LX1 & FZ50

Interesting shots..what on earth is in the water??
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Re: Huanglong, the Yellow Dragon captured by LX1 & FZ50

Don't really know, mate. This place that I visited and Jiuzhaigou are famous for their multi-coloured ponds and lakes. Will post more photos of the lakes later when I have to time. In the meantime, this is what I've found from the Net:

Huanglong is in a glaciated alpine valley at about 3000m elevation.The park has marvellous travertine, rimstone pools, flowstones, and springs. The Sichuan provincial government gave Huanglong legal protection in January 1987, and the area was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1992. Cold water courses down the valley, cascading over abrupt cliffs and washing in sheets over wide expanses of botryoidal (lumpy) golden brown travertine. Algae and bacteria growing the pools color them green and blue. Bathing in the Xishen Pubu (Body Washing Waterfall) is traditionally supposed to cure infertility.

Multi-coloured-Coloured Pond

About 4,166m from the Fuyuan Bridge, it covers an area of 21,000m2, with 693 small ponds - the largest pond cluster of Huanglong. It is filled with green water in shallows, making such a wonderful sight. The "jade tray" reflects the sunlight in red, purple, and becomes gandy with many other primary colors. In winter, everything is wrapped in white snow, except this pond reflecting the blue sky, as if a celestial emerald scatters on the ground. It is believed to be the eye of Huanglong -one of its greatest prides.

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