How could I have been such a fool for so long?

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How could I have been such a fool for so long?

To think that my bogen tripod/pistol grip head combo was adequate?!?

I just got my gitzo GT3530S, Markins M10 Q-Ball, Kirk L-Plate for the D200, and a RRS plate for my 80-200mm f.2.8D ED-AF.

Wow. Just Wow!!!!

To all thoseconsidering the bargain basement route on a tripod selection, you need to reconsider before you waste your money! Save up and do your camera justice!

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Yup, old lesson and well said... I think most people

go this route... most people have no money when they start, then they get serious, then they read and read the pros and then they realize what is really needed.

I can tell you in San Francisco a few years ago, I learned I needed sand bags, never mind sturdy tripods... it is WINDY up in Muir Woods
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Re: How could I have been such a fool for so long?

I had set my limit at $ 550 for a tripod & ballhead for my D200 & lenses. I was getting tons of advice here. Finally I decided - - - do it once & do it kind of right. I bought the Markins M20 & Neil recommended Feisol sticks for me. Add the appropriate plates etc & I've totally blown my budget, but I have a very nice & sturdy set up.

My husband, the cameraman gives it the thumbs up. It was really tested yesterday when I was stalking & baiting a squirrel. We had super high winds, I weighted it down with a liquid laundry detergent plastic container, put on the D200, the 70-200VR & the TC17E-II. It did not budge.

I'm happy.


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Can't beat this set-up:

To be fair Thom did warn us all quite sometime ago

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