Best Prints Update: Photoaccess 1st!! Walmart/Epixel 2nd

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Best Prints Update: Photoaccess 1st!! Walmart/Epixel 2nd


This is an update to an extensive review I did here 6 months ago of North American photofinishers. I was on a quest to find the best prints. Here is the link if you haven't seen it:

A little long I know;-).... Well after six months and hundreds of prints I still rate Photoaccess as numero Uno! I just got back the most impressive set of prints from them yet. The 8x10's were stunning!!! I am still amazed at what a good job they do.

As a recent comparison I ordered the same 8x10 prints from colormailer of Switzerland. They do a very nice job with enlargements as well. But the color balance, accuracy and vividness of the photoaccess prints were much better.

I still get most of my common "everyday" photoalbum 4x6 prints from walmart and/or epixel which both use the Fuji Frontier photo lab. They do a very good job as well for these type of shots. The price at 0.25/4x6 can't be beat.

But for those special shots that require the best quality I still recommend photoaccess. The enlargement prices are reasonable and the quality is stellar.

Have fun and if you haven't tried photoacces yet, what are you waiting for, give them a shot. Compare them to your current favorite printing service or home brew and you will be surprised.


P.S. Yes I have tried the Ofotos, Dotphotos, Shutterflies, etc.. and after much testing- No they don't compare IMHO.

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