Problem with Permajet's permaflow ink system

Started Mar 25, 2007 | Discussions
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Problem with Permajet's permaflow ink system

Hi I purchased the permajet refillable cartridge system,which never worked.On contacting the company they said they had had major problems with this system and for a token payment(£75)I could have their new system which I did.This second system never operated properly either.The yellow ink would not flow and I had to run the head cleaning programe everytime I used the printer.I contacted the company who said it was a problem of foam in the heads,and Epson have this problem also.I told them I have done this procedure,and asked if they had a problem with the yellow ink.Their reply was no.Then the yellow completely stop operating.Once again I got in contact.They said they had had problems with this system and for a token fee(£75)I could have their new system,so I agreed.This system arrived and I was going to install it,but there was not sufficient ink,so I ordered a set of inks(£200).At the end of the conversation the technical rep said "do you have any of the old ink left"?I said yes ,why?.Oh, we have problems with the yellow ink,throw it away.When the ink arrived I immediately retuned all the kit.I got a refund minus 15% restocking fee.I would like to know if anyone in the forum has experienced similar problems with the Permajet Permaflow system? Paul

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Re: Problem with Permajet's permaflow ink system

Hi Paul, Just read about your problem with permajet dated Mar 25 2007, I recently purchased a permajet system for my Epson stylus 1400 and although we are in 2013 i have exactly the same problem i have to use the head clean program every time i switch the printer on and the yellow ink will not flow so I contacted the imaging Warehouse where i purchased the system from and they asked me to take the printer to them to have a look because i was also having problems with large air pockets appearing in the ink lines, The yellow ink was also in the early stages of showing poor ink flow so they put some head cleaner down, This did not clear the problem and it has got to the stage where the yellow ink does not flow at all, It did occur to me that it may be an ink problem and you have just confirmed this, Your review has helped me a lot, I will now take this further and report back.Thanks Graham.

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