Show your Church photos please

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Re: Show your Church photos please

Here is one of the six, someone from dpreview taught me how to post individual images, something I didn't know how to do:

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Re: Show your Church photos please

Here is a church with no roof and a bit spooky

WordyDave Regular Member • Posts: 225
Frank Lloyd Wright Creation

Located across the street from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA looms what the locals call the dinosaur church. This picture doesn't show its 'vertebrae' between the main sanctuary and an 'aft' building. Sorry.

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Another Blue Ridge Parkway church

I assume by the same builder.

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Re: Show your Church photos please

Petri Church Malmoe

Cant remember the name off this church

This pictures are taken with my Canon Powershoot 3 IS, so sorry if it was a Nikon only thread. Did have my Nikon D80 at that time.

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Re: Show your Church photos please

We got like 5 churches more in that style in Malmoe, Sweden. I will try to take some more classical shoots at them.


RonHrl Senior Member • Posts: 2,794
One from Cluny

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AreW New Member • Posts: 2
More Frank Lloyd Wright

In Phoenix Arizona.

Raider70 Senior Member • Posts: 1,104
Somewhere in Florida


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Re: Danish Churchs 8 pic

These shots are amazing!

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Re: Please show Koln (Cologne) Cathedral at night


you can find one photo of Köln cathedral from my previous post on this thread, or you can also check out my webpage for more photos from Köln (Cologne).

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