Show your Church photos please

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Re: Masa K...

No, this church is in Campbell. You're right about the time and the season, though.


cycle61 wrote:

I see you're bay area. Is this church the one in Dublin?
If so, great shot! I live a few blocks away, and I've been trying
for an artistic picture of that building for some time now. I'm
guessing late evening in mid summer, by the sunlight on the front
wall (it doesn't come that far around in winter, if this is the
church I'm thinking of)

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RonHrl Senior Member • Posts: 2,794
From France

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aj_taylor Contributing Member • Posts: 964
Re: Show your Church photos please

Duomo, Florence, Italy.

Romsey Abbey, UK (where I sing):

Canterbury Cathedral:

aj_taylor Contributing Member • Posts: 964
Re: italy


kcdk Regular Member • Posts: 383
OT: Two from 1950

Taken with my "new" Voigtländer Bessa 6x9cm (confirmation present) on a trip with my parents to France in july 1950. In Rouen I took this picture of the cathedral. The town was terribly destroyed in WWII.

Can anybody tell me is this church in Rouen too.

I still have all my negatives

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Kell - DK

HS Newman Regular Member • Posts: 318

Painted church

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OP Jack Frazier Senior Member • Posts: 1,801
Matti, those are Outstanding!!! Thanks for sharing
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For my latest pics, click the link below

'You never get a second chance to make a first impression'

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janellm Forum Member • Posts: 88
Re: Show your Church photos please

How did you get no distortion? Was it the lens you used or did you use perspective correction? Very impressive either way...janell

Paul Lindley Regular Member • Posts: 457
Re: Show your Church photos please

I presume you are asking me about the first image DSC4881_79_80

Shot with !7-35 2.8 at 17mm f11 ( equiv 25mm on a 35mm film )

No correction for converging verticals.

3 shots combined in Photomatix.

Slight cropping in CS2 too centre the image along the centre line of the knave and crop to the bottom of the pillars.

the911s Forum Member • Posts: 94
Russian Orthodox

If there is anything you can give religion credit for without argument, it is definitely the incredible architecture it has inspired.

Here are some from Russia... Moscow, St. Petersburg, Suzdal and Novgorod. All taken with an 8 year old (?) Coolpix 990. Posted these cause I thought you guys had me covered on my France and Italy church pictures : ).

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Waldo_O Senior Member • Posts: 1,538
Re: Danish Churchs 8 pic

Those are very nice and thank you for the information. How old is that round church?

Waldo_O Senior Member • Posts: 1,538
Re: Show your Church photos please

Very creative without being too abstract. Your other work is enjoyable as well.

roger123 Regular Member • Posts: 322
Re: Russian Orthodox

Beautiful images.. I especially liked the one with the painter.


Frank B Veteran Member • Posts: 5,410
St. Peter's Basilica

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Kim Letkeman
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small country church ...

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wilcox57 Junior Member • Posts: 38
Two from Wisconsin

Nikon D80
Sigma 10-20mm
ISO 100
F 5.6
1/8 sec

Nikon D80
Sigma 10-20mm
ISO 100
F 5.6
1.17 sec

John Wilcox

LeftSpin Regular Member • Posts: 253
Re: Show your Church photos please

All shot with a Nikon D80 on a tripod.

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Waldo_O Senior Member • Posts: 1,538
Re: Danish Churchs 8 pic

Very interesting church. You can see where the sun has worn down the paint over time. I like it.

Waldo_O Senior Member • Posts: 1,538
Re: Romania

Interesting church. That picture pretty much tells the story of the effects of long term exposure to UV light.

Samad Regular Member • Posts: 150
Here is mine

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