guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

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assafb Regular Member • Posts: 416
My Bet - Pro:1.2X-FF, Semi Pro:APS-C (nt)


GiannisK Regular Member • Posts: 347
Re: A10-1,35 and A1- 1,1 (nt)
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Giannis Koutroulas

Tom Pariz Regular Member • Posts: 427
50mm and 80mm

With 10000 x 10000 and 20000 x 20000 resolution ..

Tom Pariz

Anastigmat Forum Pro • Posts: 12,686
Re: guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

My guess is that high amateur will be 1.3x because there is no room for more pixels on the 1.5x crop sensor without increasing noise to unbearable levels. The pro model will likely be full frame.

Gregory King wrote:

mark victor wrote:

1.3 flagship, the 9D

1.5 7D replacement


Is there enough difference between 1.3 and 1.5 to make a

Yes, there is a noticeable difference between 1.3x and 1.5x.

Why not just go to 1.1? Wouldn't they be competing
with Canon and therefore need at least 1.1 to claim "full frame"?
I have the 11-18mm KM I doubt I'll be upgrading to FF
anytime soon. Well, that and the price.


I think many will upgrade to the high amateur model. As full frame come down in price over the years, we will see a migration to full frame.

Craig Veteran Member • Posts: 5,974
Re: guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

If Sony does come out with a high price like that, even $4k, I will go to canon.
The canon 5d is hard to beat for the price, especially with a good discount.

Their new mk3 is $4k, sounds like an awesome camera, almost noiseless at 3200 iso

mcbeul Forum Member • Posts: 66
Re: guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

1.1 at 24 mp

1.3 at 16 mp

A100 II:
1.5 at 12 mp

Sony loves high mp - I really do hope that they learn how to handle the noise.

chasgood Regular Member • Posts: 285
Re: guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

Sony has never followed the beat of other companys.
VHS vs Beta or Compact flash vs memory stick for example.

Sony can and likely will come up with there own size sensor format. After all They will make the sensors in house.
So I say be ready for anything when the next dslr comes out.

My guess is the mid range camera will stay 1.5 The high end may be 1.25 or there abouts.

Amolmd Contributing Member • Posts: 976
4:3 ratio

My guesses:

Semi-pro (APS) "24x18" mm (4:3) 11.24mp [3872x2904]
Pro (new FF) "32x24" mm (4:3) 14.83mp FF [4448x3336]

Options of 3:2/10:8 within 4:3 frame & high-speed crops on both.

junMel Contributing Member • Posts: 751
32MP FF by Intel...

Intel have a knack on using what I call "Intel series" (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,etc), my wild guess will be 32MP (from the series).

Intel is very good with nanotechnology so they may as well come up with a FF sensor of nano-sized photosites.

32MP is not impossible if the latest 1/2.5" super-sensors have reached up to 12MP.

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